List of hearts in Bloodtide Coast

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This is a list of renown hearts for Bloodtide Coast sorted by heart level.

Complete heart (map icon).png Renown Heart Area Level NPC Description Reward Scout (map icon).pngScout
Help the Lionguard keep drakes at bay Archen Foreland 45 Lionscout Tunnira Catch frogs to set drake traps and make bottles of frog pheromone. Throw bottles of frog pheromone at poachers.
"The road to Lion's Arch is more secure"
3,224 Experience.png 412 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 6 Copper coin Lionscout Authen
Help the Priory put ghost pirates to rest Archen Foreland 45 Professor Maciver Return cursed treasure to treasure chests. Defend explorers from the wrath of the treasure's ghostly owners.
"You helped Professor Maciver."
3,224 Experience.png 412 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 6 Copper coin Lionscout Authen
Teach quaggans how to raise crabs Archen Foreland 46 Bram Dawnrazer Stomp on crab holes, catch young crabs, and bring them to Bram or Anroov. Help defend the ranch from skale.
"Bram Dawnrazer appreciates your assistance."
3,400 Experience.png 420 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 10 Copper coin Vincent Lagrien
Help subvert the Bloody Buccaneers Vindar's Lagoon 47 Agent Morder Rescue prisoners from pirate cages, steal cannon balls, or destroy pirate supplies and cannons.
"Bloody Buccaneers subverted."
3,584 Experience.png 428 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 14 Copper coin Benjon Summersail
Disrupt experiments at Aquanarium Hydropost Sorrowful Sound 47 Creator Zee Destroy containment cells, tinker with power supply equipment, and dispatch the Inquest.
"Lab disrupted! Agent Zee applauds your progress."
3,584 Experience.png 428 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 14 Copper coin Vincent Lagrien
Help maintain order in Moriarity's Hold Moriarity's Hold 48 Agent Cotts Break up fights, rouse knocked-out pirates with water, and eliminate the rum causing these problems.
"Agent Cotts will thank you when when he's feeling better."
3,776 Experience.png 435 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 18 Copper coin Benjon Summersail
Help spy on the Crafty Corsairs Merchantman's Strait 49 Fisherman Carter Steal pirate clothing and bring it to Agent Carter, gather intel from hidden agents, and activate bug boxes.
"Agent Carter is grateful for your help."
3,984 Experience.png 442 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 21 Copper coin Benjon Summersail
Assist Crusader Aisling of the Vigil recover lost skritt territory Challdar Gorges 50 Crusader Aisling Kill Risen, chop down corrupted trees, and protect the Vigil troops.
"Vigil assisted."
4,200 Experience.png 450 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 25 Copper coin Annora Oathkeeper
Help the Vigil clear out the abandoned caves of Mole's Head Challdar Gorges 51 Crusader Patrick Locate dredge equipment, kill orrians, and disable unstable dredge turrets and mines.
"Vigil helped."
4,424 Experience.png 458 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 29 Copper coin Annora Oathkeeper
Help Arm the Quaggans Sanguine Bay 52 Scholar Sharpslash Collect weapons from shipwrecked weapon crates and bring them to quaggan guards. Help the quaggans fight off undead.
"Scholar Sharpslash thanks you."
4,664 Experience.png 465 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 32 Copper coin Careena Warmwaters
Fight the Mysterious Quaggan Affliction Grand Barrier Isle 53 Arcanist Sol Defend Priory healing sick quaggan, burn diseased corpses and cull plague carriers like skale, rats, and crows.
"Arcanist Sol thanks you for your help."
4,912 Experience.png 472 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 36 Copper coin Careena Warmwaters
Help Shore up Hylek Defenses Jelako Cliffrise 54 Explorer Malcolm Bring firefly essence to alchemy tables, set spike traps, and stomp Orrian grub holes.
"Explorer Malcom and the Lapatl hylek thank you."
5,176 Experience.png 480 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 40 Copper coin Careena Warmwaters
Help Cesseilia defend and research the oasis Whisperwill Bogs 55 Cesseilia Combine components of oasis plants and animals and take them to Cesseilia for brewing. Test completed potions on Risen spider hatchlings. Defend the oasis from undead.
"You helped Cesseilia."
5,456 Experience.png 488 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 44 Copper coin Alandion