List of hearts in Snowden Drifts

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This is a list of renown hearts for Snowden Drifts sorted by heart level.

Complete heart (map icon).png Renown Heart Area Level NPC Description Reward Scout (map icon).pngScout
Help hunters and travelers near the road Tromigar Valley 15 Lionguard Haral Remove any dangers along Lion Road. Assist Lionguard, travelers, and local hunters. Check hunter's traps to remove dangerous creatures trapped inside.
"You've made the woods and road safer."
668 Experience.png 188 Karma.png 94 Copper coin Elder Suvi
Push back the corruption Tromigar Valley 16 Bulsa the Elder Destroy corrupted ice blocking the main road. Help the Lionguard defending Snowhawk Landing's northern border. Defeat any icebrood in the area.
"Corruption pushed back!"
704 Experience.png 195 Karma.png 98 Copper coin Elder Suvi
Support the crafters of Soderhem Dragon's Rising 17 Lionguard Auda Push back icebrood raiders and help out the local crafters: Brina the Tanner and Stonecrafter Helena.
"You helped Auda."
742 Experience.png 202 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 1 Copper coin Lionguard Asgil
Preserve the Njordstead hunting grounds The Loneholme Range 17 Meinolf Njordson Hunt for massive icebrood creatures roaming the area and defend local inhabitants.
"You helped the hunters of Njordstead."
742 Experience.png 202 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 1 Copper coin Lionguard Asgil
Assist Lionguard Nadel Tromigar Valley 18 Lionguard Nadel Steal Jotun weapons, protect travelers, keep hostile creatures off the road, and light torches to mark Jotun territory.
"You helped the Lionguard."
782 Experience.png 210 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 5 Copper coin Lionguard Anton
Help Owl's followers Owl's Abattoir 19 Lahri Feed sacred owls, drive foragers and Sons of Svanir from the owl lodge, defend animals in the valley, and reach Owl's sacred teachings.
"You helped Owl's followers."
824 Experience.png 218 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 9 Copper coin Skaald Ofeig
Help quaggans settle into Urgulp Valslake 20 Guard Lugung Protect and guide refugees, gather kelp, encourage guard trainees in Urgulp, and kill stinging jellyfish.
"Quaggans like you!"
872 Experience.png 225 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 12 Copper coin Lasting Journey
Oppose the thieving grawl Oros Spurs 21 Hunter Glynis Intimidate grawl by smashing their idols, building fake idols to distract them, and stealing back potions they stole
"You helped Hunter Glynis."
912 Experience.png 232 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 16 Copper coin Annerly Keeneye
Impress the Mennerheim steadholders Lornar's Gate 22 Shengra the Stalker Boast to Mennerheim steadholders, impress spectators at the northeast sharpshooting range, slay hostile beasts, and help inexperienced hunters.
"The Mennerheim steadholders are impressed."
968 Experience.png 240 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 20 Copper coin Bagred the Hunter
Disrupt the dredge in Molengrad Lornar's Gate 23 Leika the Crafter Fight Molengrad dredge and destroy their machines.
"You've disrupted the dredge."
1,016 Experience.png 248 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 24 Copper coin Bagred the Hunter
Help the Seraph outrider camp Ossencrest Climb 24 Seraph Archer Brian Fight centaurs and Sons of Svanir, destroy Svanir banners, protect incoming caravans, and heal wounded soldiers.
"You helped the Seraph."
1,072 Experience.png 255 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 28 Copper coin Lieutenant Meade
Fight the denizens of Jormabakke Stead Jormabakke Stead 24 Undercover Agent Tulfar Slay Sons of Svanir, break their banners, and destroy corrupted ice.
"You've disrupted Jormag's forces."
1,072 Experience.png 255 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 28 Copper coin Bagred the Hunter
Support the Durmand Priory against the centaurs Isenfall Gullies 25 Explorer Bink Hinder centaur aggression and recover items for the Durmand Priory.
"You helped the Priory."
1,128 Experience.png 262 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 31 Copper coin Lieutenant Meade