List of hearts in Dredgehaunt Cliffs

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This is a list of renown hearts for Dredgehaunt Cliffs sorted by heart level.

Complete heart (map icon).png Renown Heart Area Level NPC Description Reward Scout (map icon).pngScout
Assist Daphne in halting the encroaching corruption Steelbrachen 40 Scholar Daphne Kill corrupted elementals, defeat Sons of Svanir, and thwart their plans.
"You helped Daphne."
2,480 Experience.png 375 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 88 Copper coin Palla
Help Antal the Patient impress the skritt in Kolkorensburg Troll's Teeth 41 Scholar Antal the Patient Make the skritt happy by entertaining them, returning lost treasures, and killing threats to their cave.
"The skritt are impressed."
2,616 Experience.png 382 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 91 Copper coin Palla
Protect the Snow Leopard shrine from the Svanir Wyrmblood Lake 42 Toka Axegrinder Kill Sons of Svanir, and tear down their territory markers and Dragon totems.
"Toka is pleased."
2,760 Experience.png 390 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 95 Copper coin Hagund the Wary
Defend Travelen's Steading against Svanir attacks Snowslide Ravine 43 Disa Build snowmen, stop troublemakers, and keep the lodge cozy and safe.
"You helped Disa."
2,904 Experience.png 398 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 99 Copper coin Hagund the Wary
Help the grawl stave off Svanir attacks Graupel Kohn 44 Mokooki Fight Svanir, destroy their corrupted turrets and ice containers, and help wounded grawl.
"Mokooki is grateful."
3,064 Experience.png 405 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 2 Copper coin Hagund the Wary
Assist the skritt of Ratatosk Ratatosk 45 Drakkitoka Destroy spiders and webs, free skritt from cocoons, and keep skritt in fighting shape.
"Dakkitoka is thankful for your help."
3,224 Experience.png 412 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 6 Copper coin Vittchtkek
Help the Priory thwart dredge excavation in Dostoev Sky Peak Dostoev Sky Peak 46 Arcanist Dotta Sabotage weapon caches, slay dredge miners, and recover ore for research.
"You helped Dotta."
3,400 Experience.png 420 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 10 Copper coin Historian Gaius Ashwalker
Help Arcanist Vance study dwarven relics at Granite Citadel Spearhead Bane 47 Arcanist Vance Decipher dwarven headstones, and protect Priory researchers.
"You helped Vance."
3,584 Experience.png 428 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 14 Copper coin Historian Gaius Ashwalker
Help Magister Roslin infiltrate Black Earth Mine The Grey Road 48 Magister Roslin Rescue Priory researchers, defuse dredge mines, and destroy reinforcement tubes.
"You helped Magister Roslin."
3,776 Experience.png 435 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 18 Copper coin Historian Gaius Ashwalker
Help Explorer Brokkar sabotage dredge munitions Frostland Melt 49 Explorer Brokkar Clear dredge and turrets from the area, use cannonballs to open armory doors, and sabotage munitions stocks.
"You helped Explorer Brokkar."
3,984 Experience.png 442 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 21 Copper coin Arcanist Rellya
Help Magister Kathryn wound dredge forces Tribulation Rift 50 Magister Kathryn Return unexploded fire bombs to Priory drop boxes, and block mortar shots with Priory shield generators.
"You assisted Magister Kathryn."
4,200 Experience.png 450 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 25 Copper coin Arcanist Rellya