List of hearts in Fields of Ruin

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This is a list of renown hearts for Fields of Ruin sorted by heart level.

Complete heart (map icon).png Renown Heart Area Level NPC Description Reward Scout (map icon).pngScout
Help the people of Ebonhawke Stronghold of Ebonhawke 30 Fallen Angel Makayla Tear down Separatist propaganda, talk down sympathizers, and knock on doors to find potential Separatist hideouts.
"The Ebonhawke citizens thank you!"
1,464 Experience.png 300 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 50 Copper coin Vanguard Moeller
Help Commander Varalyn and the Ebon Vanguard Stronghold of Ebonhawke 31 Commander Varalyn Train with soldiers, kill skritt, and help repair equipment.
"The Ebon Vanguard thank you!"
1,544 Experience.png 308 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 54 Copper coin Vanguard Moeller
Help Foreman Boslo care for Blackwing Excavation Blackwing Excavation 31 Foreman Boslo Motivate workers and remove dangers from the work site.
"Foreman Boslo thanks you"
1,544 Experience.png 308 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 54 Copper coin Vanguard Moeller
Help the Vanguard stall the ogre advance Hautclaire Vale 32 Vanguard Scout Holt Recover charr scrap metal, break ogre weapon racks, kill ogres and their pets.
"You aided the Vanguard"
1,632 Experience.png 315 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 58 Copper coin Vanguard Lieutenant Briggins
Hold back the insurrectionists The Siege Plains 33 Lieutenant Marrel Fight the Renegades and Separatists in the area and destroy their equipment. Disarm unexploded shells and mines.
"You've hampered the insurrectionists!"
1,720 Experience.png 322 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 61 Copper coin Watchman Brikken
Harass the ogres of Foulbear Kraal Hunter's Gorge 33 Vanguard Scout Pickins Kill ogres and their pets, and sabotage their supplies.
"Foulbear Kraal ogres hampered."
1,720 Experience.png 322 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 61 Copper coin Vanguard Lieutenant Briggins
Help pacify Tyler's Bivouac for settlers Bento Canyon 34 Lieutenant Tyler Clear out predators and Separatists near Tyler's Bivouac.
"You've helped secure Tyler's Bivouac."
1,808 Experience.png 330 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 65 Copper coin Watchman Brikken
Support the human delegation Warrior's Crown 35 Vanguard Lieutenant Viles Keep the camp safe, discover spies and remove the wasps.
"Human soldier's helped."
1,912 Experience.png 330 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 65 Copper coin Vanguard Scout Meleni
Assist the charr delegation Warrior's Crown 36 Legionnaire Crunchbone Kill separatists, rally the disgruntled soldiers, train with the troops, and repair the charr mines and mortar protecting the camp.
"Charr delegation assisted."
2,008 Experience.png 338 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 69 Copper coin Vanguard Scout Meleni
Help Rosko's ranchers protect the village Halkor Meadows 37 Rancher Jenneth Defend the village and cattle from the harpies, keep the restless bulls in line and drive the harpies from the area.
"Rosco's rancher helped."
2,120 Experience.png 345 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 72 Copper coin Strategist Keeneye
Help the Iron Legion disrupt Renegade operations Thunderbreak Hills 38 Iron Legion Scout Steeltooth Free Renegade prisoners, destroy Renegade supplies, and uncover intel.
"Renegade effort crippled."
2,232 Experience.png 352 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 76 Copper coin Strategist Keeneye
Contain the growth of the Dragonbrand Tenaebron Lake 39 Sentinel Gristletooth Consult Sentinel Gristletooth. Destroy Branded creatures, nests, and crystal clusters.
"Sentinel Gristletooth thanks you."
2,352 Experience.png 360 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 80 Copper coin Sentinel Frazar
Aid the researchers in their study of the Brand Varim's Run 40 Krange Lodefinder Test branded samples at capsitors and water samplers and destroy branded creatures that might disrupt the experiments.
"You aided the Brand researchers."
2,480 Experience.png 375 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 88 Copper coin Sentinel Frazar