List of hearts in Timberline Falls

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This is a list of renown hearts for Timberline Falls sorted by heart level.

Complete heart (map icon).png Renown Heart Area Level NPC Description Reward Scout (map icon).pngScout
Disrupt dredge mining operations for Order of Whispers operatives The Iron Veil 51 Mensorr Wipe out dredge and creatures they disturb, destroy their unrefined ore, and fill in boreholes.
"Dredge mining operations sabotaged."
4,424 Experience.png 458 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 29 Copper coin Scout Benedikt
Partake in the moot Krongar Pass 52 Scholar Tholin Rouse passed-out partiers, sample beer and roasted meat on a stick, send slackers back to their posts.
"Enjoy the moot and help keep the party under control."
4,664 Experience.png 465 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 32 Copper coin Zeetoktin
Scatter the unusually aggressive grawl Guilty Tears 53 Sizza Break grawl cages, destroy food sacks, and thin their numbers.
"You've helped thin the grawl."
4,912 Experience.png 472 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 36 Copper coin Scout Benedikt
Help Fionnghuala Scratch prepare their defenses Fionnghuala Scratch 54 Cakilak'kh Help the skritt defend their home. Raise flags, fight off jotun, gather scrap metal bars, wake up lazy workers.
"Helped in setting up defenses for skritt."
5,176 Experience.png 480 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 40 Copper coin Guardian Renton
Help make Stromkarl Heights safe for travelers Stromkarl Heights 55 Crusader Rugan Fight off and set traps for ettins, help patrols and watches, and light the way for travelers with torches.
"Vigil Crusader Rugan salutes you!"
5,456 Experience.png 488 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 44 Copper coin Guardian Renton
Help Goldenlight Hallow with their experiments Fisher's Eye Bridges 55 Krewe Leader Seesa Help Bizz, Naff, and Tijja test out their experiments at Goldenlight Hallow lab.
"Goldenlight Hallow notes your efforts."
5,456 Experience.png 488 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 44 Copper coin Guardian Renton
Help the alliance of the Vigil and Priory Gyre Rapids 56 Crusader Brice Destroy grawl effigies and reduce the local grawl presence, clear out undead creatures, assist the outpost and patrols, and raise the flags of the Alliance.
"The alliance thanks you for your help."
5,752 Experience.png 495 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 48 Copper coin Guardian Renton
Help the Priory's excavation of the ruins Gyre Rapids 57 Researcher Raekk Protect and repair golems gathering artifacts and put any artifacts you find in storage crates.
"The Durmand Priory notes your assistance."
6,064 Experience.png 502 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 51 Copper coin Explorer Ironpaw
Help Caer Evermore defeat the Risen in the region Tyrant's Mount 58 Explorer Cyara Burn Risen corpses, test out experimental hylek potion on the Risen, and reduce the Risen presence in the region.
"Caer Evermore salutes you."
6,384 Experience.png 510 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 55 Copper coin Explorer Ironpaw
Help Ichtaca Hunting Banks 59 Ichtaca Develop alchemical weapons, defend ingredients from wildlife, and collect ingredients.
"Ichtaca thanks you."
6,728 Experience.png 518 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 59 Copper coin Dian Horrigan
Help the endangered quaggans Nonmoa Lake 60 Commander Spleedoop Collect quaggan treasures, defeat krait, and free krait prisoners.
"You are a hero to quaggans!"
7,096 Experience.png 525 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 62 Copper coin Dian Horrigan