List of hearts in Gendarran Fields

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This is a list of renown hearts for Gendarran Fields sorted by heart level.

Complete heart (map icon).png Renown Heart Area Level NPC Description Reward Scout (map icon).pngScout
Help Johan with his training duties at Vollym's battle pit Snowblind Peaks 26 Battle Pit Caretaker Johan Train in the individual or group arenas against the beasts of the Battle Pit.
"You helped the battle pit caretaker Johan."
1,192 Experience.png 270 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 35 Copper coin Dojhin
Help First Haven's residents deal with the undead Traveler's Dale 26 Clerk Ulva Help First Haven by killing undead, dealing with the aftermath of their attacks, and keeping the road safe.
"You helped First Haven's residents."
1,192 Experience.png 270 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 35 Copper coin Lionguard Alvor
Rescue fallen Seraph in the Bloodfields Guardian's Pass 27 Field Medic Leius Acquire a medical kit from the field hospitals adjacent to Nebo Terrace. Treat injured Seraph in the Bloodfields. Guard them as they return to the hospital
"You've been a friend to Nebo Terrace."
1,256 Experience.png 278 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 39 Copper coin Hunter Jesla
Help Lionguard Rhyn drive the dredge away from Junction Haven Shiverspur Front 27 Lionguard Rhyn Use dredge mining supplies to investigate burrows, dig at ore sites, and drive disoriented dredge underground.
"You helped Lionguard Rhyn."
1,256 Experience.png 278 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 39 Copper coin Lionguard Zordin Redblood
Assist the Lionguard and protect Junction Haven Shiverspur Front 28 Sheriff Kaargoth Bloodclaw Recover food sacks stolen by the ettins and trolls from the Haven. Use frost traps to buy time to escape.
"You helped Sherrif Kaargoth Bloodclaw."
1,320 Experience.png 285 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 42 Copper coin Lionguard Zordin Redblood
Help Bronson disrupt centaur troops Blood Hill Camps 28 Bronson Sabotage the centaur camp, kill centaurs, and free the human slaves
"You helped Bronson."
1,320 Experience.png 285 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 42 Copper coin Hunter Jesla
Maintain security around Almuten Mansion Almuten Estates 29 Security Captain Vejj Investigate suspicious bushes for pirates, disarm traps around the mansion, and interrogate service staff to find the disguised pirates.
"You helped Security Captain Vejj."
1,392 Experience.png 292 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 46 Copper coin Amelia
Support the troops stationed at Ascalon Settlement Ascalon Settlement 29 Kiryn Brant Train with the troops, honor the fallen, and find ways to raise morale.
"You helped the troops."
1,392 Experience.png 292 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 46 Copper coin Hunter Jesla
Help Milton Book and local farmers with their pirate and pest problems Cornucopian Fields 30 Milton Book Motivate lazy farmers, destroy wasp nests, feed livestock, exterminate grubs, repair pipe leaks, clear spider eggs, and protect farmers from pirate ambushes.
"You've been a big help to Milton Book."
1,464 Experience.png 300 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 50 Copper coin Brigid
Get back at the pirates for Joukje Brigantine Isles 31 Joukje Help Joukje get back at her old pirate comrades by killing them, freeing their captives, and breaking their cannons.
"Joukje avenged."
1,544 Experience.png 308 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 54 Copper coin Cendaris the Patient
Help Mei Shadowwalker reclaim the Wiley pirates' stolen treasure Provern Shore 32 Mei Shadowwalker Steal sections of the Wiley plans, dig in loose sand for hidden treasure, and work with the Lionguard to recover larger stashes.
"You helped Mei Shadowwalker."
1,632 Experience.png 315 Karma.png 1 Silver coin 58 Copper coin Cendaris the Patient