List of hearts in Mount Maelstrom

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This is a list of renown hearts for Mount Maelstrom sorted by heart level.

Complete heart (map icon).png Renown Heart Area Level NPC Description Reward Scout (map icon).pngScout
Help Pact soldiers secure a path to Orr Broken Arrow River 61 Explorer Pentt Destroy Risen ambushes, rotmouths, and turrets.
"You helped the Pact."
7,480 Experience.png 532 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 66 Copper coin Soldier Siors
Assist the skritt with their fortifications Quandry Scratch 62 Sik'klak Assist the admiral with training, the brewmaster with beer making, and Roc'loaka with repairs.
"Chief Fin'kriktik approves."
7,880 Experience.png 540 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 70 Copper coin Soldier Siors
Help the Priory members excavate Rata Pten Criterion Canyon 63 Explorer Cryptcutter Use the Priory artifact-scanning gun to find excavation sites in the ruins, then mark the spots for Priory workers.
"You helped the Priory."
8,320 Experience.png 548 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 74 Copper coin Valiant Otus
Aid Tactician Blazefur in preparing Firebreak Fort for the Risen offensive Sootberme 64 Tactician Blazefur Clear caravan routes, unite dissenters, assist short-handed patrols, and reduce Risen numbers.
"You helped the Pact camp."
8,720 Experience.png 555 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 78 Copper coin Valiant Otus
Help Ambr's krewe defend the lab Mon Maelstrom 65 Krewe Apprentice Blork Collect earth elemental cores to power and repair golems, stop Inquest golems from opening fissures, and kill destroyers.
"You helped Ambr's krewe."
9,200 Experience.png 562 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 81 Copper coin Explorer Yolanda
Help Pixtor test his weapons on the Risen in Murkvale Dysphoric Rim 65 Creator Pixtor Cleanse fertile soil to create plant turrets, test Pixtor's weapons on Risen, activate Risen activity monitors, and cull Risen forces.
"You helped Pixtor."
9,200 Experience.png 562 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 81 Copper coin Explorer Yolanda
Help the Order of Whispers instigate a fight between krait and Risen The Mire Sea 66 Agent Rjoda While disguised as a Risen, free slaves, attack krait, and destroy their defenses.
"You helped the Order."
9,760 Experience.png 570 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 85 Copper coin Agent Lylym
Help the Order of Whispers sabotage Inquest weapon tests on the hylek village of Tzanopl Grounds The Stychs 67 Lightbringer Krentch Falsify Inquest data, free captured Order agents, steal access keys, and reduce Inquest numbers.
"You helped the Order."
10,240 Experience.png 578 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 89 Copper coin Tactician Gloria
Help Carmel cleanse the Inquest pollution Whitland Flats 68 Carmel Clean golem pollution, cleanse infected wildlife, and fight off the Inquest.
"You helped Carmel."
10,800 Experience.png 585 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 92 Copper coin Agent Blonks
Help Zara secure and supply Gallant's Folly Gauntlet Gulch 68 Zara Eliminate Inquest spies, ensure supplies get to Gallant's Folly, and spar with Pact brawlers.
"You helped Zara."
10,800 Experience.png 585 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 92 Copper coin Tactician Gloria
Help Jenrys protect nature from the Inquest Benthic Kelp Beds 69 Environmental Activist Jenrys Clean up pollution, destroy turrets and recording devices, and kill Inquest.
"You helped Jenrys."
11,360 Experience.png 592 Karma.png 2 Silver coin 96 Copper coin Agent Blonks