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Rata Novus Orchards

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Rata Novus Orchards

Point of Interest
Rata Novus
(Tangled Depths)
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Rata Novus Orchards.jpg
Rata Novus Orchards

Interactive map

The Rata Novus Orchards are a large cavern filled with mushroom flora and fungi found beneath Rata Novus.

Getting there[edit]

To be able to get to the point of interest, the Rata Novus event chain here must be completed, as only then will the door on the upper part of the Rata Novus Command Center be open. From there, simply drop down to the area below to reach the point of interest.

Alternatively, you can simply turn around at the top of the first flight of stairs to the upper level of the Rata Novus Command Center, and glide through a gap in the wall and then drop down. This can be done without the event chain being completed, provided you can get past the lasers unscathed.