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Guild Wars 2 Wiki public sandbox

This is the Guild Wars 2 Wiki public sandbox. You can test out the wiki code etc. here.

Please be aware that absolutely anyone can overwrite your changes and the sandbox will be blanked from time to time, so don't put anything too important here!

When using this sandbox please follow these simple rules:

  • Please do not revert each other.
  • Please leave this notice and the comments at the beginning of this page intact.
  • Please keep things small enough not to be a hassle to testers.
  • This page must not be moved.
  • Do not add categories to this page, this includes categories added by templates like deletion templates etc..
  • For tests of simple things, you may not even need to modify this page - just try using "Show preview" first.

Happy testing!

Is for skillHas fact coefficientHas fact strikes
Water Cannon (Power Suit)6620
Flame Cannon6620
Artillery Strike (Turnabout)303
Fiery Leap14.320
Dragonsblood Spear (Bleed skill)14
Healing Burst (Dragon Response Mission)12
Artillery Airstrike12
Freezing Blast (Dragon Response Mission)10
Heavy Weight (Dragon Response Mission)102
Crushing Wolf Fist8.8
Whirling Axe8.38815
Whirling Defense7.9212
Fire Rocket Barrage7.55
Soul Spiral7.212
Shredder Gyro Self-Destruct7.112
Icerazor's Ire620
Well of Suffering66
Whirling Axe5.59515
Frost Spin5.5
Fire Spin5.5
Procession of Blades5.510
Well of Suffering5.46
Confusing Images5.327
Whirling Defense5.2812
Photon Blitz5.128
Photonic Blasting Module5
Frost Trap55
Extractor Overload5
Heavy Weight5
Crippling Airstrike5
Entangling Web (spider web)4.9
Torrential Mists4.8422
Zealot's Defense4.88
Shredder Gyro4.812
Fetid Ground4.86
Tidal Wave4.675
Hundred Blades4.628
Life Leech (Doppelganger)4.520
Gravedigger (Seneschal's Keystaff)4.5
Feeding Frenzy (ranger skill)4.411
Well of Darkness4.316
Inferno Claws4.296
Detonate Mines4.23
Scatter Mines4.25
Throw Magnetic Bomb4.13
Return to Sender4
... further results