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Information on the wiki should be verifiable, meaning that other users can easily check the source of the information. Verification notes can be added using using an inline reference, which appears as a superscript number in enclosed between square brackets[1], and links to a section at the bottom of the page which will often contain a link to the source. The referenced source should clearly support the material as presented in the article. Any material whose accuracy is likely to be challenged should be attributed to a source using an inline reference.

If you feel that information needs to be further verified, you can add a {{citation needed}} tag to encourage others to add a reference. If you think the material is verifiable, you are encouraged to provide an inline reference yourself before considering whether to remove or tag it.

When to use references[edit]

The wiki is a compendium of information about the game, which can include information not found in the game itself, including when ArenaNet staff post on external sites such as Reddit, Twitter or do interviews with online magazines. As a result, a reference should be used for cases where the information cannot be readily verified by the game or by another article on the wiki.

Additionally, because the wiki is written and maintained by players, in order to ensure that the wiki is considered credible and that content is not the personal opinion of editors rather than ArenaNet's intended presentation of the game's content, references should be used for statements made about the content, particularly when the points can be deemed as obscure, ambiguous or disputed.

Note that if you want to cite from an official game update patch, blog post, news or lore article, it's better to copy the article verbatim to the wiki so it can be linked to directly. Examples of these verbatim copies are Game updates/2017-07-13 and The Ecology of the Charr.

How to use references[edit]

  • Use references inline with the text they are supporting.
  • Do not include a space between the tag and the penultimate word.
  • If the tag is added at the end of a sentence, add the tag after the period and do not include a space between the period and the tag.
  • The list of reference should appear in a separate section at the bottom of the page.
  • The list of references shouldn't display raw URLs. Use standard wiki-code in combination with the ref-code below.
Description You type You get
Create a reference

<ref>details of the source</ref>


Create an automatic list of references

<references />

  1. ^ details of the source
Refer to the same source somewhere else

location A<ref name="example">details</ref>

location B<ref name="example" />

<references />

location A[1]

location B[1]

  1. ^ a b details


Note: the level 3 headers used here are only for example purposes, in general, level 2 headers should be used.

=== Trivia ===
* Internally at ArenaNet, Ring of Fire was known as "Lava"<ref>[ Comment by Linsey Murdock], Reddit</ref> during development.

=== References ===
<references />


  • Internally at ArenaNet, Ring of Fire was known as "Lava" during development.[1]


External links[edit]

  • mw:Help:Cite (mediawiki documentation on using the Cite extension)