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Many MediaWiki extensions or non-default server configurations are incredibly useful for the day-to-day operation of the wiki. However, all changes of this nature have a cost, be it resources or simply installation issues. All requests to alter the wiki platform should go through this process.

The process[edit]

Configuring or modifying the official wiki's technical operation requires ArenaNet's approval and assistance. Having a single, unified proposal process makes getting an official response much easier and much more likely.

ArenaNet's technical team will check this page regularly for any new requests and post a response next to the request, indicating whether the change was accepted, and the request will be closed for a period of no less than four months.

ArenaNet administrators: All current community requests are under community requests below.

Submitting a request[edit]

The first step in submitting a request should be to discuss it on the talk page. A new heading should be created for every request.

If there is consensus that the request would be beneficial to the wiki then a formal request should be created. Create a subpage of this article to hold the request and then include it in the "community requests" heading below. This request must include the following details:

Name and version (if applicable) of the software or change you request
Note whether your request is the installation of a MediaWiki extension, a change to MediaWiki or IIS's configuration.
State clearly how the change you request will be used. Mention benefits of the change, particularly actions that are impossible or extremely cumbersome without this change.
Provide links to relevant websites. Mention whether other prominent MediaWiki installations implement this change, and what problems (if any) they have encountered.
Possible pitfalls
Note potential pitfalls to making this change. This includes issues with server load and process execution time, potentially alienating markup on the wikitext of articles, or other tangible reasons why installing this alteration might not be a great idea. Most changes have at least one pitfall, so no change will be considered unless this section has something significant in it. If there really are no pitfalls, an explanation (or a link to one) explaining why this is the case is necessary.

Community requests[edit]

The following formal requests have been discussed by the community on the talk page and deemed to be beneficial to the wiki.


This would be adding a mediawiki extension
A good portion of it was discussed a while ago in the talk page, but I'll sum it up quickly here.

- This allows for a partial fix to the common issue of always needing to click on many links for minimal information (now a hover will be enough in many cases)

- It overall allows for a nicer and fluid navigation in my opinion.

- This has also been used on wikipedia for a long while now and overall seems to have been a general boon for information transmission.

- Having run this with a custom js call on my account, I have noticed no extra lag or annoyances with this active(relevant edits)

-an imgur album of what it looks like is available here, and a half-joke prezi presentation available here


as for other implementations, wikipedia has it, I am unaware of others but I imagine a few have it.

Possible pitfalls

-Alex mentionned a while back that this depends on which we do not have, so that may be necessary to also have

-In some instances the hover "fails" in such that it displays no useful information


This would enable a bot that welcomes new users with a custom message on their talk page.
See: community portal discussion
  • present new users with a resource that compiles useful links to get started on editing.
  • allows for more transparency with our processes and policies
  • friendly gesture towards new editors
Links (basically only needs to be (re-)activated for our wiki if I understood correctly)
Possible pitfalls
  • creation of unnecessary orphaned talk pages since spam bots would receive a welcome message, too. Could be combatted by implementing QuestyCaptcha.

Requests being considered by ArenaNet[edit]

The following formal requests are under consideration by ArenaNet.

  • No pending requests.

Approved requests pending install[edit]

The following formal requests have been approved by ArenaNet and are in queue to be incorporated on the wiki.

  • No pending requests.

Requests unable to be installed at this time[edit]

The following formal requests are unable to be installed at this time. Please see the talk page of the affected item to see the reasoning behind this status.

  • None at this time.

Installed requests[edit]

The following formal requests have been approved by ArenaNet and have been installed on the wiki.