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This article documents common formatting practices and processes across ArenaNet employee pages. These are only guidelines; different people will have varying amounts of information available for them, and may be better displayed without this template.


Simple template[edit]

{{ArenaNet employee infobox
| name =
| image =
| position =
| department =
| previous =    <!--Previous titles / departments-->
| content =
[[{{PAGENAME}}]] is a <Job> and a part of the <Team> at [[ArenaNet]]. <Other Introductory information>

Detailed template[edit]

{{ArenaNet employee infobox <!--Fill as many as you can, not all required-->
| name =        <!--Name--Defaults to Pagename-->
| image =       <!--Use images from official/professional sources/videos-->
| position =    <!--Official job title-->
| department =  <!--Current Department (Art, Sound, etc.)-->
| previous =    <!--Previous titles / departments-->
| content =     <!--Specific content if known. E.G. Mounts, HoT-->
[[{{PAGENAME}}]] is a <Job> and a part of the <Team> at [[ArenaNet]]. 
<Other Introductory information>

== Notable work ==
<List the Guild Wars 2 content that this employee is known to have worked on>

== Job history == <!--Include a comment here on the last day the history was checked. Useful for when employees leave. Example:Last checked August 29, 2017. Source: LinkedIn-->
<Brief Summary of work, if necessary>
;<Most recent position date in Month Year - Month Year format.
* <Business - Brief Description> (If Freelance, say "Freelance" here.)
;<Position Date>
* <Business - Brief Description>

== See also ==
* [Link Link Description]

See Template:ArenaNet employee infobox for more information on the infobox used in the above templates.

Uploading employee pictures[edit]

Any uploaded pictures of ArenaNet employees must adhere to the wiki's copyright rules. This means that a picture must either be taken from official ArenaNet resources (including blog posts, videos, and live streams) or have the permission of the employee in question to be released under our license terms. If an employee uploads a photo of themselves, their permission is implicit. If an employee or former employee requests their picture not be displayed on the wiki, their request should be respected and accommodated as quickly as possible.

Additional information[edit]

ArenaNet employees are not public figures, so when including additional background information about them please first consider whether it's relevant to their role at ArenaNet or to Guild Wars 2. Non-game development work and education history is generally not relevant; please do not link to an employee's LinkedIn account. Similarly, social media accounts, personal blogs, and other platforms should be evaluated for relevance before adding links. Examples of relevant additions include artist blogs containing Guild Wars concept art, SoundCloud accounts with Guild Wars music, IMDB pages of voice actors, or accounts on platforms where employees frequently interact with players such as reddit and the official forums. Examples of non-relevant additions include Tumblr pages full of cat photos or purely personal Twitter accounts. As with pictures, if an employee or former employee requests that any additional information not be displayed on the wiki, it should be removed as quickly as possible.

Following discussion with ArenaNet, there is a policy of not recording the forum account names of employees on the wiki.