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This article will explain the formatting practices and processes with regards to the documentation of effects.

Effect infobox[edit]

Primary article: Template:Effect infobox

Effects are described using the {{Effect infobox}}. Basic parameters are outlined below; please refer to the template for a more detailed guide.

{{Effect infobox
| name =         <!-- Optional. Name of the effect. Only include if the name differs from the article name. Defaults to {{PAGENAME}}. -->
| icon =         <!-- Optional. Icon of the effect. Only include if the icon differs from the article name. Defaults to File:{{PAGENAME}}.png -->
| description =  <!-- Effect description, copied verbatim from the game, including errors. -->
| type =         <!-- Type of effect, e.g. achievement, aura, boon, condition, control effect, effect. Defaults to "effect". -->
| story =        <!-- Only used for story achievement effects. Specify the story instance this effect shows up in. -->
| stacking =     <!-- Required: Describe if/how effect stacks. If yes, use either intensity, duration, or charge. If no, then put no. -->
| id =           <!-- The effect's internal ID. Generates a game link in the infobox. Leave blank if unsure .-->
| requires =     <!-- Optional. Used to mark if a skill is from a specific expansion or living world season. -->
| status =       <!-- Optional. Used to mark if a skill is temporary or historical and does not exist in the current state of the game. -->

Copy-paste layout[edit]

This is a suggested layout for an effect page, based on current conventions; editors should feel free to alter it as they see fit.

{{Effect infobox
| name = 
| icon = 
| description = 
| type = 
| stacking = 
| id = 
| requires = 

<!-- Short description of the effect (acquisition, related NPCs, etc) goes here. Optional, but recommended. -->
[[{{subst:pagename subst}}]] is an effect that ...

== Acquisition ==
<!-- Optional section. Describe acquisition method if too complicated to fit into the description. -->

== Notes ==
<!-- Optional section. Any relevant notes can go here. -->

== Trivia ==
<!-- Optional section. Any trivial information can go here. -->