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This page serves to define the three major types of event (dynamic event, meta event, and map meta event), and then illustrates a common way to format dynamic event articles.


Dynamic event
Event boss (tango icon).png Event cog (tango icon).png Event collect (tango icon).png Event fist (tango icon).png Event flag (tango icon).png Event shield (tango icon).png Event star (tango icon).png Event swords (tango icon).png Event wrench (map icon).png
This is the most frequent type of event encountered ingame. These events are highlighted on the world map with an orange outline, and may require talking to an NPC to start. Most dynamic events will use one of the icons above. Other icons can be found on Template:Event icon.
Meta event
A meta event is composed of several individual dynamic events, and typically appears, as a name and description, in the user interface on the right-hand side of the screen. The name of the meta event is used as the page name. A dynamic event contributes to a meta event if the meta event text changes after its completion (sometimes events chain on, one after the other, and the second event updates the meta description - the first of these would still count towards the meta). All events that contribute to a meta event would be listed on the meta event page, with the meta description in the UI above the event name.
Map meta event
Introduced in Heart of Thorns, the map meta event is composed of several meta events. With the original participation system, the name of the map meta event appeared in the user interface whilst hovering over the compass map (after the update to remove the participation system in some maps, the name is no longer visible). The name of the map meta event also appears when the player claims their map meta event reward chest (appears as a floaty box shape chest in the bottom right corner of the screen), the flavor text that appears in this reward window, and the loot received, should be noted on the map meta event page too. Note: The current documentation standard is that the "map meta event" does not appear in the "meta event" user interface, so they are to be separate pages even if they share the same name.


{{Event infobox
| name =                           <!--Optional. Defaults the name of the article ({{PAGENAME}}).-->
| location =                       <!--Required. The specific location in which the event takes places. (i.e. Shaemoor Fields). -->
                                   <!--Multiple areas can be semi-colon separated (i.e. Shaemoor Fields; Western Divinity Dam). Do not use link format.-->
                                   <!--Because of the way that the location displays its enclosing location, it is best to use the area rather than a poi or a zone, if possible.-->
| type =                           <!--Optional. The event type. (i.e. Dynamic event, Group event, Meta event). Meta event is for meta event pages, not events that are part of a meta event.--> 
                                   <!--If no type is specified, the infobox defaults to Dynamic event.-->
| indicator =                      <!--Optional. The icon indicator of the event, to the left of the name in the event assist: boss, cog, collect, fist, flag, shield, star, swords, or wrench-->
| level =                          <!--Required. The level of this event.-->
| meta_event =                     <!--Optional. The meta event this event is part of.-->
| meta_event2...meta_event99       <!--Same as above. (Only used if there are multiple meta events this event is part of)-->
| heart =                          <!--Optional. The renown heart event simultaneously influenced by participating in this event.-->
| race =                           <!--Optional. Use only for race specific events (i.e. Tutorial).-->
| start_npc =                      <!--Optional. The NPC used to initiate the event.-->
| start_npc2...start_npc5          <!--Same as above. (Only used if there are multiple npcs that start the event)-->
| npc_map =                        <!--Optional. The map image with the starting NPC's location marked. Defaults to <start_npc> location.jpg.-->
| npc_map-text =                   <!--Optional. Starting NPC location map description. Defaults to "Click to enlarge".-->
| map1...map5                      <!--Optional. Map images of the event (or parts of the event.)-->
| map1-text...map5-text            <!--Optional. Map image descriptions. Defaults to "Click to enlarge".-->
| event_prev =                     <!--Optional. The event this is preceded by;-->
| event_prev2...event_prev99       <!--Same as above. (Only used if there are multiple preceding events)-->
| event_success =                  <!--Optional. The event that follows if the completion of the current event is considered successful.-->
| event_success2...event_success99 <!--Same as above. (Only used if there are multiple such events)-->
| event_failure =                  <!--Optional. The event that follows if the completion of the current event is considered a failure.--> 
| event_failure2...event_failure99 <!--Same as above. (Only used if there are multiple such events)-->
| requires =                       <!-- Optional. Used to mark if an event is from a specific expansion or living world season. -->
| status =                         <!-- Optional. Used to mark if an event is temporary or historical and does not exist in the current state of the game -->
[[Event name]] is a level x [[dynamic/group event]] that occurs in [[area name]]. Important information about the event can go here.

== Objectives ==
<!-- These are listed below the title of the event in the event assist. Things should be written exactly as they appear in the game.

Each line should be bulleted. {{Event boss}}, {{Event collect}}, {{Event fist}}, {{Event flag}}, {{Event shield}}, {{Event star}}, {{Event swords}}, and {{Event bar}} can be used to mimic the interface. Icons to the right of a progress/health bar should be considered on the same line as the bar. If you don't catch the time limit, feel free to put "x:xx". Variable numbers, such as the number of items you have turned in to a collection event can be denoted with x. Messages that an ally needs to be revived don't need to be included. You can access colored flags with the event flag template. -->
* Monstrous Tar Elemental
* {{Event bar}} {{Event boss}}
* Time remaining: 10:00
* Your contribution: x
* Ghosts busted: x/10

== Rewards ==
<!-- Any rewards related directly to the event. This includes event bonus rewards, chests that spawn upon event completion, etc. -->
{{Event rewards}}

== Walkthrough ==
<!-- Detail the steps required to complete the event. This section can be omitted if needed, such as if the objectives provide sufficient information. -->

== NPCs ==
=== Allies ===
<!-- List any friendly NPCs that are part of the event. Alphabetize. -->
* [[Brakkurn Riptrue]]
* [[Jhalles Coalgrip]]

=== Foes ===
<!-- Hostile NPCs that spawn as part of the event. Alphabetize. -->
* [[Tar Elemental]]
* [[Veteran Tar Elemental]]

== Objects ==
<!-- List any object that is a part of the event. Alphabetize. -->

== Dialogue ==
<!-- Optional section. Records any dialogue that occurs and or appears only when the event is happening.  If any NPC has event-specific dialogue when interacted with, add it to that NPC's page. --> 
;Event start <!--Describe when the lines are delivered if possible.-->
:'''Speaker Name:''' ''What the speaker says.''

== Related achievements ==
<!-- Optional section. Any achievements whose goals are related to this event go here. -->
* {{Achievement|<!-- name of achievement --> }}
**... <!-- Optional line describing how to complete the achievement. -->

== Notes ==
<!-- Optional section. Any relevant notes can go here. -->

== Trivia ==
<!-- Optional section. Any trivial information, such as references can go here. -->

Copy + paste version[edit]

{{Event infobox
| location = 
| type = 
| indicator = 
| level = 
| meta_event = 
| heart = 
| start_npc = 
| npc_map = 
| npc_map-text = 
| map1 =
| event_prev =
| event_success =
| event_failure =
| requires =
[[Event name]] is a level x [[dynamic/group event]] that occurs in [[area name]].

== Objectives ==

== Rewards == 
{{Event rewards}}

== Walkthrough ==

== NPCs ==
=== Allies ===

=== Foes === 

== Objects ==

== Dialogue ==
<!--Do not remove this section if dialogue exists but has not been documented, as this has led to huge number of event dialogues that have existed since launch going undocumented. Instead, replace with {{Section-stub|event|Missing dialogue}} so that it is clear that something should go here.--> 

== Related achievements ==
* {{Achievement|}}

== Notes ==

== Trivia ==