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This page is for the design and implementation of weapon set articles.

What is a weapon set?
  • The basic definition is a set of weapons, with one weapon for each weapon type. This type is defined in Property:Has weapon type.
  • The weapons can by weapons or weapon skins. The only information we display on a weapon set table is the name of the item and the weapon type. We have Property:Has skin type for this purpose, which is also used in generating the weapon set gallery.
  • One caveat is most weapon sets do not feature aquatic weapons. We need a parameter on the template to show or hide aquatic weapons. Aquatic weapons are assumed to be in the set and shown by default. This can also be done by querying for any aquatic weapon types being in a set. However, these pages might not be created yet and the table won't show these pages as needing to be created. Since the template can't differentiate, we need a parameter to do so.
  • If a collection of weapons is not a full weapon set, that is, there isn't a weapon corresponding to the weapon type, there is an issue. We have to be able to group these weapons by something other than weapon type. If we do so, we cannot guarantee that there is a unique weapon for each weapon type. The primary example of this are the legendary weapons. This is desirable if we want to group weapons on a theme or other identifiable characteristics. The solution is to have Property:Has weapon set that explicitly connects the weapon to the weapon set.


<!-- introduction -->

== Acquisition ==
<!-- If more than one acquisition source, use level 3 headers to split acquisition by methods, the order is as follows -->

=== Gathered from ===
<!-- for weapon sets that can either be gathered from resource nodes, or are found in chests and such -->
{{weapon set gathered from}}

=== Sold by ===
<!-- for weapon sets that are sold by NPCs -->
{{weapon set vendor list}}

=== Contained in ===
<!-- for weapon sets that are found in containers -->
{{weapon set contained in}}

== Weapons == 
{{Weapon set table}}

<!-- OR: for black lion weapon skins -->
== Weapon skins == 
{{Weapon set table}}

<!-- OR: additional sections -->
== Overview == 
=== Weapons ===
{{Weapon set table}}
=== <additional sections> ===

== Gallery ==
{{Weapon set gallery}}