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A Semantic Mediawiki curator is a user group which provides editors with additional rights related to Semantic MediaWiki.

Permission details[edit]

  • smw-pageedit — Edit access for "Is edit protected" annotated pages
  • smw-vieweditpageinfo — View edit help
  • smw-schemaedit — Edit schema pages
  • smw-viewentityassociatedrevisionmismatch — Access information about an entity associated revision mismatch
  • smw-patternedit — Edit access to maintain allowed regular expressions and patterns on MediaWiki:Smw allows pattern (Not used, see an example for reference)
  • smw-viewjobqueuewatchlistAccess to the job queue watchlist feature (Not enabled, would require a php configuration parameter to be set)


  • These rights are distinct from those of regular Sysops and those of SMW Administrators.

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