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File names follow the format: File:Skin armor weight race gender angle.jpg. Asura and charr need only one gender ("both") because female and male armor appearances are identical. For example,

  • File:Ascalonian Performer armor human female front.jpg
  • File:Temple armor heavy asura both back.jpg

note: if the armor can only be worn by one armor class (e.g. only scholars), then omit the "weight" part.

Images should be cropped to show only the character.

Overview pages[edit]

A page is made for each skin, e.g. Leystone armor, Perfected Envoy armor. This central page contains a link to the galleries using {{armor set overview}} and lists the acquisition. The available prefixes are also documented there.

Basic layout[edit]

{{Armor set overview}}
<!-- introductory text -->

== Acquisition ==
* [[Explorable]]
** [[Area]]
*** {{vendor|merchant}} [[Vendor name]]

== Components ==
{| {{STDT|equip}}
! Piece !! Light !! Medium !! Heavy
! Helm
| {{Item icon|... Cowl|large=y}} 
| {{Item icon|... Mask|large=y}} 
| {{Item icon|... Helmet|large=y}}
! Shoulders 
| {{Item icon|... Mantle|large=y}} 
| {{Item icon|... Shoulderpads|large=y}} 
| {{Item icon|... Pauldrons|large=y}}
! Coat
| {{Item icon|... Vestments|large=y}} 
| {{Item icon|... Jerkin|large=y}} 
| {{Item icon|... Breastplate|large=y}}
! Gloves
| {{Item icon|... Gloves|large=y}} 
| {{Item icon|... Vambraces|large=y}} 
| {{Item icon|... Gauntlets|large=y}}
! Leggings
| {{Item icon|... Pants|large=y}} 
| {{Item icon|... Leggings|large=y}} 
| {{Item icon|... Tassets|large=y}}
! Boots
| {{Item icon|... Shoes|large=y}} 
| {{Item icon|... Boots|large=y}} 
| {{Item icon|... Greaves|large=y}}

== Wardrobe skin links ==
{{Skin set chat links table|set = ... armor}}

== Attributes ==
{| {{STDT|equip}}
<!--- format table as necessary --->


Pages with galleries[edit]

If there is only one weight of the armor set, then the gallery images should be on the same page as the armor set. If all weights are available for a set, then the page will be too obnoxiously long if it includes all 3 weight galleries. Name the weight specific sets in a similar manner to the items themselves, e.g. if the light piece is called Accursed Guise, the set is called "Accursed armor". The code for the galleries themselves is the same though: (the armor gallery template will autodetect the name for the file based on the page name)

Code for a new gallery[edit]

{{Armor set infobox}}
<!-- introductory text -->

== Skin pieces ==
{{Armor skin set table}}

== Gallery ==
{{Armor galleries}}

[[Category:{{subst:SUBPAGENAME}} armor galleries]]

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