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"Leave article feedback" button
What the feedback page looks like

This article describes the process of leaving feedback on the talk page of a mainspace article using the dedicated "Leave article feedback" button.

Why would I leave feedback?[edit]

Perhaps the content of the article is outdated, or the article is incomplete. Feedback allows editors to prioritise and address problems encountered by users by fixing the main article.

All sorts of information can be useful, but sometimes it is difficult for new users to display that information in a manner that is consistent with the style of most articles on the wiki. This tool basically reinforces the idea that it is perfectly ok for users (anonymous or registered) to give their feedback about articles (for example, on their respective talk pages) and thus allows a wide userbase to contribute to and improve the accuracy of the wiki.

How do I leave feedback?[edit]

  • Visit the page in question.
  • Find the "Leave article feedback" button.
  • Delete the text "Replace with feedback text." and insert what you want to say.
  • Press "Save page" at the bottom.

And you're done!


  • Leaving feedback via this tool inserts content onto the talk page of an article. You can therefore go back and check the feedback you left by visiting the talk page of the article in question.
  • If you're logged in, then you can watch the page after leaving feedback - this will send you an email when someone responds (only if allowed in user preferences).


I want your opinion on an idea - July 1st, 2015

Hi everyone,

Someone floated an idea past me and I'd like to know what wiki editors think about it. The current community of editors is doing an amazing job at updating content on the wiki but could use some help from players that are not regular editors, or who don't really want to do the jump to becoming editors.

We want to encourage more people to contribute to the wiki without having them having to necessarily be "part of" the wiki. So the idea would be to tell players that they can "dump" information that they see missing in articles on the talkpage on that article. Editors could then use this as material to update the article if it's relevant and/or accurate. We have no idea whether this is something that players would do but before we get there, the most important factor is to be sure that the community of wiki editors is ok with such a systerm.

Tell me what you think in that discussion on my talkpage.