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This article will explain the formatting practices and processes with regards to the documentation of traits.

Trait infobox[edit]

Primary article: Template:Trait infobox

Traits are described using the {{Trait infobox}}. Basic parameters are outlined below; please refer to the template for a more detailed guide.

{{Trait infobox
| name =           <!-- Optional. Name of the trait. Only include if the name differs from the article name. Defaults to {{PAGENAME}}. -->
| icon =           <!-- Optional. Icon of the trait. Only include if the icon differs from the article name. Defaults to File:{{PAGENAME}}.png -->
| description =    <!-- Trait description, copied verbatim from the game, including errors. -->
| facts =          <!-- Use {{skill fact}} for each fact, if applicable. See "Skill facts" section below for details on how to use this. -->
| line =           <!-- The trait line. -->
| tier =           <!-- The tier of the trait: Adept, Master, Grandmaster. -->
| type =           <!-- Trait type: Minor or Major. -->
| position =       <!-- The vertical position of the trait within the main trait selection panel. (0 for Minor traits, 1 for the top Major trait, 2 for the middle Major trait, and 3 for the bottom Major trait). -->
| recharge =       <!-- The trait's recharge time, if applicable. -->
| id =             <!-- The trait's internal ID. Generates a game link in the infobox. Leave blank if unsure. -->
| requires =       <!-- Optional. Used to mark if a trait is from a specific expansion or living world season. -->
| status =         <!-- Optional. Used to mark if a trait is temporary or historical and does not exist in the current state of the game -->

Skill facts[edit]

Primary article: Template:Skill fact

The "facts" parameter is filled in using the {{Skill fact}} template, calling the template once for each fact. Please refer to the template documentation for details on using it for standard facts, as well as how to document non-standard facts. Whenever possible, use the standard options provided by the fact template. Avoid cluttering skill facts with non-standard formatting.

The Structured PvP or WvW version of the trait may have differences to the PvE version. These are documented on their own pages, typically titled <Trait name> (PvP).

Other templates[edit]

Copy-paste layout[edit]

This is a suggested layout for a trait page, based on current conventions; editors should feel free to alter it as they see fit.

{{Game mode version|type=trait|<game mode this trait is used in>}} <!-- Optional. Only used if PvE and PvP modes have different versions of this trait. -->

{{Trait infobox
| description = 
| facts = 
| line = 
| tier = 
| type = 
| position = 
| recharge = 
| id = 
| requires = 

== Notes ==
<!-- Optional section. Any relevant notes can go here. -->

== Version history ==
<!-- Required. Leave blank if unsure. -->
{{Version history table header|<!--Profession-->}}
{{Version history table row|<!--yyyy-mm-dd-->|<!--Profession--> }}
* <!--Description of changes, copied from the official patch notes.-->
{{Version history table row|release|r=y}} <!-- Change "release" to a date if trait was not introduced with the release of Guild Wars 2 on 2012-8-28. -->

== Trivia ==
<!-- Optional section. Any trivial information can go here. -->

Trait line order[edit]

See also: Talk:List of revenant traits#Trait line order

Lists of profession trait pages and navigations are done in in-game order.