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Icons are used widely throughout Guild Wars 2 to graphically represent a wide variety of features.


  • Character or player icons display characteristics of players.
  • Floating icons may appear above the head of NPCs or objects to represent their function that in most cases, is the same icon on the map.
  • Item icons exist for any object which can physically appear in a character's inventory, bank, hero panel, etc.
  • Map icons show the position of significant features and events as you explore Tyria.
  • Navigation icons allow you to switch between different functional tabs on Graphical user interface panels.
  • Skill icons are small pictures used to represent a skill on the player's skill bar. The skill description can be viewed by hovering over the icon with the mouse.
  • Trait icons represent passive abilities that can enhance a character's skills, provide bonuses to damage and attributes, and modify their actions.

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