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Bramble Plateau

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Bramble Plateau

Point of Interest
Northwatch Descent
(Auric Basin)
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The Bramble Plateau is a rock formation overlooking the Northwatch Descent. One of the pylons powering the Northwatch tower is located there.

Getting there[edit]

  • It is normally reached during Use the Priory's "Bramble Begone" rifle to clear vines and reach Bramble Plateau as part of the chain to activate the pylon located there. Alternatively you can reach this POI if you have advanced gliding, by first going to the "Straight and Narrow" Strongbox and then a quick jump North, run up the tree branch protruding East, and just glide across.
  • If you only have the Lean Techniques mastery, you can follow the guide above and fall to a platform just short of and below the landing, then glide against the outside wall to tag it. This method is similar to tagging the Versoconjouring Waypoint in Malchor's Leap.
  • If you have a Springer you can just jump up the large branches north of Waypoint (map icon).png Northwatch Waypoint. The PoI unlocks way before you reach the plateau.