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Bloodbound Scepter

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Bloodbound Scepter


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Uses the power of its wielder for strength.
Weapon power scales with player level.

— In-game description


Vendor Area Zone Cost
Ash Legion Provisioner Ash Legion Provisioner Memorial Quadrant Black Citadel 10 Provisioner Token.png
Aym Aym Trade Commons Hoelbrak 10 Provisioner Token.png
Quartermaster Natomi Quartermaster Natomi Maguuma's Breach Verdant Brink 10 Provisioner Token.png
Scavenger Rakatin Scavenger Rakatin Tarnished Treetop Auric Basin 10 Provisioner Token.png
Skritt Trader (Lion's Arch) Skritt Trader Commodore's Quarter Lion's Arch 10 Provisioner Token.png
Supply Assistant Supply Assistant Ogre Camp Tangled Depths 10 Provisioner Token.png
Synergetics Intern Synergetics Intern Interdisciplinary Accessium Rata Sum 10 Provisioner Token.png
Temple Quartermaster Temple Quartermaster Dwayna High Road Divinity's Reach 10 Provisioner Token.png
Warden Eve Warden Eve Reckoner's Terrace The Grove 10 Provisioner Token.png
  • Has a chance of being generated from the Mystic Forge from 4 rare scepters.


  • Has no upgrade slots.