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(Raiini was created October 08, 2012)

As members of the College of Synergetics, we study how energy patterns form and alchemagical fractals propagate. Few beyond our college understand the philosophical and mystical complexities of our interests. We devoutly research the true nature of the Eternal Alchemy. This user is member of the College of Synergetics.
What unmitigated joy to be able to change the weather at my whim! If only the prototype had been more powerful. Nevertheless, the design was cutting-edge. My transatmospheric converter was a masterpiece of utter genius. I wish I'd had more funding. This user's first creation was a Transatmospheric Converter.
Councilor Canni wasn't just another bureaucrat. She was an esopolitical parascientologist. She was fond of saying, "Always bring a witness, preferably an expendable one. You never know when you'll need a scapegoat." This user's first advisor, the one who taught them everything they know (almost), was Canni.
Elementalist This user is an Elementalist.
Water, whether frozen or flowing, is life, and its currents run deep in us. This user studies all the elements, but they wear a gem that symbolizes their love of water.
Biography Charm.png Trouble may follow, but I use my Charm to overcome it.

Durmand Priory (order icon).png This user is a member of the Durmand Priory.

Raiini 's Story:


Explosive Intellect

Chapter 1: Graduation Day

The Snaff Prize

Taking Credit Back

A Sparkling Rescue

Stand By Your Krewe

Here, There, Everywhere

Chapter 2 :Legacy Code

Where Credit Is Due

Salt in the Wound

Bad Forecast

Flash Flood

Chapter 3: Something Lost, Something Gained

A Bold New Theory

Hazardous Environment

Protest Too Much

Field Test

A Meeting of the Minds

Chapter 4: Defending History, Informing the Future

Dredging up the Past

Bad Blood


Mightier than the Sword

Chapter 5: A Friend In Deed


☐ undecided at this time

Attempted Deicide

Chapter 6: This Far, No Further

On Red Alert

The Battle of Claw Island

The Ghost Rite

☐ undecided at this time

A Light in the Darkness

The Priory Assailed

☐ undecided at this time

☐ undecided at this time

☐ undecided at this time

☐ undecided at this time


Chapter 7: The Cost of Victory

Forging the Pact

☐ undecided at this time

☐ undecided at this time

☐ undecided at this time

The Battle of Fort Trinity

☐ undecided at this time

Chapter 8: Savior of Tyria

Temple of the Forgotten God

☐ undecided at this time

What the Eye Beholds

☐ undecided at this time

☐ undecided at this time

Further into Orr

☐ undecided at this time

☐ undecided at this time

☐ undecided at this time

Against the Corruption

☐ undecided at this time

The Source of Orr

Victory or Death

Appendix: Reuniting Destiny's Edge

Ascalonian Catacombs

Caudecus's Manor

Twilight Arbor

Sorrow's Embrace

Citadel of Flame

Honor of the Waves

Crucible of Eternity


Raiini now has a counterpart in Star Wars: The Old Republic, a female human, lightside Smuggler Scoundrel

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