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Chronomancer tango icon 20px.png Chronomancer[edit]

General Power Chronomancer[edit]

  • Due to Danger Time Danger Time we want to get as much Slow.png Slow uptime as possible.
    • Benchmark takes Time Catches Up Time Catches Up but in a real raid you should run Delayed Reactions Delayed Reactions for more uptime on slow.
      • Time Catches Up Time Catches Up is worth ~300 DPS meaning better slow uptime will be better (every 10% slow uptime increase is more than 600 DPS increase).
      • Keep running Time Catches Up Time Catches Up if you're able to hit 100% slow uptime without Delayed Reactions Delayed Reactions, this will be the case is stacking chronos or condi renegades usually.
    • Casting  Time Warp.png Time Warp every  Continuum Split.png Continuum Split.
      • Accounts for ~10% slow uptime.
      • If DPS this means replacing  Gravity Well.png Gravity Well which is ~600 DPS in benchmark.
    • You can use  Time Sink.png Time Sink in place of  Rewinder.png Rewinder or even just off cooldown for additional slow uptime, assuming you don't need to save it for CC.
      • Used off cooldown it's ~7% slow uptime.

Power Boon[edit]


In order to tank for many bosses (listed below) you'll need to have the highest toughness in the group. This can be anything from a +5 toughness infusion, to 1380+ to cover a hand kiting soulbeast, all the way to 1800+ in something like trailblazer (condi boon). You'll want to double check toughness numbers before you try to tank but be on the lookout for these builds:

Build Toughness Notes
Soulbeast tango icon 20px.png Beastmastery Soulbeast 1150 This includes all power soulbeasts and condi soulbeast if running the single shortbow build. They gain the toughness from Pack Alpha Pack Alpha when merged.
Soulbeast tango icon 20px.png Hybrid Soulbeast 1195 Very rare build that you shouldn't need to worry about but they gain the normal +150 as above but also might gain +45 from  Dragon's Revelry Starcake.png Dragon's Revelry Starcake
Soulbeast tango icon 20px.png Hand Kite Soulbeast 1380 Being merged with a  Stout (Archetype).png Stout pet gives +200 toughness and they run  Signet of Stone.png Signet of Stone for another +180 toughness.
Any Hand Kiter ???? If you're tanking on Deimos just check to see what your hand kiter is running, depending on the build they may be running no extra or a lot.

Depending on the boss, you'll just want to equip toughness gear till you are above the minimum. Since the minimum is usually a soulbeast at 1150 my suggestion is having a Knight's amulet to gain +157 toughness and be able to tank. If you don't need shield/inspiration it's better to stay on the dueling build(s). See the options below for gear:

Toughness Gear Build
1151 Commander's Helmet, Chest, Gloves, Backpiece, and one +5 toughness infusion Link
Knight's / Cavalier's Coat and two +5 toughness infusions Link
1157 Knight's Amulet (suggested) Link
1381 Knight's / Cavalier's 1h Weapon, Chest, Accessory, one +5 toughness infusion
can swap ring to assassin to cap crit again
1472 Berserker's trinkets > Knight's (more than enough for most bosses) Link
1620 Berserker's trinkets > Knight's, Assassin's > Captain's Link
1692 All trinkets > Knight's Link

Tanking Difficulty and info[edit]

The toughness tanking bosses are:

  • Vale Guardian - Depends a little on strategy, if doing no greens you'll want to time distortions on yourself otherwise need to always avoid teleports and then later phases properly move the boss while there is a decent amount of damage going around. I'd say medium difficulty.
  • Gorseval the Multifarious - Pretty much just aim the boss away from the group, additional mechanics of pulling in adds if no one else can and really you should be trying to block the slams with distortion if you can. Easy fight with some slight timing on slams to learn.
  • Keep Construct - Mainly just need to pull to boss to the next statue and watch for the pink circle attack. Should also be aiming to distort every jump attack later on. Worth noting that boon DD works on this fight but is still rather uncommon. Easy fight in general but you want minimum toughness and to do as much damage as you can for phase.
  • Xera - Need to learn tanking positions and where to move, fast groups don't need to move at all. If you pull the boss too early or too late it can mess up the fight and give here a ton of boons or stop you from DPSing her. Main thing to worry about is her frenzy attack to block or otherwise move away from. Also should be pulling adds in most comps. Medium difficulty with frenzy and initial positions being the harder parts.
  • Deimos - Need to time blocks and evades for the big hits (Mind Crush needs a block always). If doing ranged you need to not miss a slam as you'll be thrown off the platform, if doing melee you need to always be paying attention to oils and moving asap. Medium difficulty (or honestly hard if ranged and not used to timing yet)
  • Voice in the Void (Dhuum) - Actually rather easy, boss does low damage so you just stare at his crotch the whole fight. Need to learn tanking spots but it's honestly the easiest role on that whole fight. Easy (Medium if you're just learning tank spots)
  • Largos Twins - Depends a little on what side you're on (and the fight in general is better on condi) but both bosses can hit pretty hard. You don't actually need any toughness (I mean as long as 5 extra is highest) 'but' you have to time blocks and know the fight pretty well then. Hard with many mechanics going on and lots of damage if you don't avoid it, once you get the timing, Medium
  • Cardinal Sabir (kind of) - No one really "tanks" this one as you just face the boss towards group so... easy?
  • Cardinal Adina - This should almost always be a boon thief/heal renegade tanking this, you don't really want a boon chronomancer on the fight if you can help it. If you do somehow end up tanking, it's not that hard, just need to block some slow hits and avoid the knockback. Will also detonate mines but you can roll over them to not have to deal with it. Easy.

Special mechanic tanks:

  • Cairn the Indomitable - Not really a tanking role as fixate is farthest away and no one really kites it anymore. N/A?
  • Mursaat Overseer - Claim role, just need to take back tiles and move the boss when needed (as little as possible), overall easy role + you get CS and can claim twice. However this is another boon thief/DD fight so you shouldn't have a boon chrono here 'and' you should have no toughness. Easy.
  • Samarog - First in fixate, then farthest away. You can get every single fixate if you evade back after your turn is done but usually you swap between two players. Damage isn't too bad and you can block/evade basically all of it no problem. You'll usually be pulling Rigom each phase but that's easy too, overall easy fight.
  • Soulless Horror - Swapping fixate with special action, 2 tanks (almost always chrono). Lots of damage all the time especially the wurms at the start if they don't get killed quickly. SH also attacks very fast and you need to constantly be paying attention to positioning for walls. One of the hardest fights to learn tank on due to the fast and constant damage, usually high toughness recommended.
  • Qadim - Closest is tank, usually chrono. Need to learn the set mini-boss patterns to block the hits and avoid being teleported if too close. Not avoiding the damage will quickly down you. Also need to pull adds for split phases and know where to move bosses. Hard when learning the fight, medium to tank later.
  • Qadim the Peerless - Closest active special action, won't swap unless you go out of range. Does a lot of rapid multi-hit damage and you need to place down damage AoEs in the right spots as well as still do the fire orbs at 80 and 60. Since the damage is so large you usually want extra toughness to survive. Hard fight, up there with SH for damage pressure. Easier to timing your blocks/evades/invulns but there is still a lot going on.

Condi Boon[edit]

Power DPS[edit]

Build Variants[edit]

Slow uptime[edit]

Per Snowcrows guide , even with 10% slow uptime Danger Time exceeds the Improved Alacrity trait.

Slow uptime DPS (Danger Time)
100% 40,800
90% 40,155
80% 39,509
70% 38,864
60% 38,219
50% 37,573
40% 36,928
30% 36,283
20% 35,637
10% 34,992
0% 34,346
IA Benchmark ~35,000

DPS Sheets[edit]

Mirage tango icon 20px.png Mirage[edit]

Condi DPS[edit]