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Toxic Krait Historian

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An obelisk shard.

Toxic Krait Historian is an achievement that appears in the Tower of Nightmares category. Krait Obelisk Shards have been placed across Tyria underwater by the krait of the Toxic Alliance, specifically within Bloodtide Coast, Caledon Forest, Gendarran Fields, Kessex Hills, Mount Maelstrom, Sparkfly Fen, and Timberline Falls.

Shards that haven't been transcribed yet are marked with the following icon: Krait Obelisk Shard (map icon).png. It only appears above the shard and can't be seen from the world map or the mini-map.


Toxic Krait Historian (Historical) Tower of Nightmares daily 1Achievement points
Visit a krait obelisk shard. 1 Krait Obelisk Shards Visited 1Achievement points
This achievement rewards items. Toxic Krait Historian Tower of Nightmares 10Achievement points
Visit 24 krait obelisk shards around the world.
Prerequisite: Toxic Krait Transcriber
Reward: Scroll of Knowledge.pngScroll of Knowledge
1 Krait Obelisk Shard Visited 2Achievement points
10 Krait Obelisk Shards Visited 3Achievement points
24 Krait Obelisk Shards Visited 5Achievement points


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