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Point of Interest
Morwood Wilds
(Auric Basin)
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The Thornwatch is a vine barrier preventing access to the pylon located in Morwood Wilds.


  • This Point of Interest can be accessed after the event Event swords (tango icon).png Escort Exalted Sage Manssir to Morwood Wilds (80) has been completed.
  • Alternatively, it is possible to discover this point of interest by starting from Chak Hollow Waypoint and heading along the route to get the Jawatl Grounds Insight. After the third updraft, glide directly through the upright hollow tree trunk heading southwest. Using Lean Techniques, you can then land on a plateau and walk through the undergrowth, dropping (or gliding) down to the point.
  • This point of interest can also be discovered by jumping over the vine wall directly to the south of Southwatch Creep using a Springer.