Lion's Gate (point of interest)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the original point of interest. For the modern version, see Phoenix Roost.

Lion's Gate


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Lion's Gate was the last, battered remnant of Old Lion's Arch. The lighthouse built upon Lion's Gate once lit the way to the original Lion's Arch, and after the Great Tsunami guided allies through the fog to safe harbor and provided a lookout where sentries would watch for Dead Ships, standing as a symbol of resilience against Zhaitan and his Risen minions.

The lighthouse was refurbished in 1240 AE and again in 1250 AE, but in 1325 AE, the ancient karka attacked Lion's Arch and razed the lighthouse to its ancient foundations. A more modern replacement has been built nearby, but the site of the original is still maintained and accessible.

Later in 1327 AE, both lighthouses were destroyed during the Battle for Lion's Arch, with the original crushed under the Wreckage of the Breachmaker and the second lighthouse crooked and threatening to fall. When Lion's Arch was rebuilt in 1328 AE, both lighthouses were fully removed and replaced by a new lighthouse and the name is changed to Phoenix Roost.

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  • Construction of the new lighthouse was first shown during Wintersday: The Wondrous Workshop of Toymaker Tixx: the bridge leading to Lion's Gate was replaced by one heading south of to the new lighthouse, though the map and NPCs were unchanged.
    • After its destruction in The Lost Shores, means to access the lighthouse was largely removed. However, some bricks allowed climbing up and traversing the rim to reach the interior.
    • In Flame and Frost: Prelude event, the NPCs were removed from the old lighthouse, with some moved to the new lighthouse which had its construction furthered. The lighthouse was completed in a subsequent update.