Master of Decor, World 1

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Master of Decor, World 1 Super Adventure Box: World 1 6Achievement points
Find all the furniture shops in World 1. Completing this achievement and the one for World 2 will unlock a vendor tab on Moto's assistants.Only the finest from the finest.
Reward:Bag of Fancy Furniture Coins.png Bag of Fancy Furniture Coins
Found 2 Furniture Shops in World 1 2Achievement points
Found 4 Furniture Shops in World 1 2Achievement points
Found 6 Furniture Shops in World 1 2Achievement points

Hidden Furniture Shop Locations[edit]

Room Hint Zone Location
1 A-MAZE-ing hiding spot. Sunny Glade In the maze that goes to the Bee Dog Queen, there is a section close to the queen that looks like a "t". Bomb it, drop down to a darkened section(a Candle or Torch is recommended here), and jump over the spike traps to reach the shop.
2 Hot hot hot! Sunny Glade Can only be reached in Tribulation Mode and is located in the final area near the Cage.
3 Drain the improper water. Dark Woods When you first encounter poisonous water(referred to by the shopkeeper as "Improper Water"), jump across the lily pads and then throw a bomb at the notch in the wall to your right. The poisonous water will drain, revealing a hole you can enter, so jump down into it for the shop.
4 Just when you thought it was over! Dark Woods In the final area, bomb the bottom of the tree stump where the Cage is located from the far end of the hollow log to reveal the shop.
5 Too big to flail. Kingdom of Fungus Burn the carpet and bomb the center of Hidden Room 4 and drop down to the area below. Jump into the mouth of the large alligator to reach the shop.
6 Shopception. Kingdom of Fungus From Hidden Room 1 (the shop behind the waterfall after the 2nd checkpoint), burn the carpet and bomb the floor to reach Hidden Room 2, and from there bomb the waterfall on the left side, behind the Shopkeeper and carefully jump into it for the furniture shop.

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