Invisibility (Super Adventure Box)

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Invisibility or Moon power-ups are power-ups inside the Super Adventure Box. They give players a buff granting them stealth for a brief time. They are usually found inside of destructible barrels.


Maguuma Jungle
  • Rata Sum
    • Super Adventure Box
      • Sunny Glade
        • Behind the final boss mountain
      • Dark Woods
        • Behind a tree on the left side of the dark copse just before the first checkpoint
        • In the hidden spider-filled area next to checkpoint 2
      • Kingdom of Fungus
        • After Checkpoint 3, inside the high hollow log bridge that leads to the chest.
      • Rapids
        • Outside the shop next to checkpoint 8
        • Near the Hillbillies up on the cliff past the final checkpoint.
      • Pain Cliffs
        • To the right of the second checkpoint
        • After the 7th checkpoint, just before the series of vertical poles

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