Fight Cooroo's Crab

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Fight Cooroo's Crab

Interactive map

Interactive map

Fight Cooroo's Crab is a hero challenge in Naui Waters within the Timberline Falls. Speak with quaggan Cooroo to start the event.


  • Hermit Crab
  • Event bar.jpgEvent fist (tango icon).png




Upon completion
Cooroo: WoohooOOOooo! You are much improved. Quaggan's crabs are good little teachers.


  • Be aware that there may be a few other Freshwater Crabs in the area which might accidentally get drawn into the subsequent battle with the Hermit Crab, thereby increasing the difficulty of the challenge. It might be advisable to eliminate any of the freshwater crabs in the immediate area to avoid the aforementioned problem.