Candle Chimney

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Candle Chimney

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Candle Chimney map.jpg
Map of Candle Chimney

Candle Chimney locator.svg
Location within Timberline Falls


Candle Chimney.jpg

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Candle Chimney is a cave located in west of Timberline Falls. It houses a large hostile tribe of grawl. They often conduct raids on the nearby Pact camp of Concordia.

Getting there[edit]

There are two paths into Candle Chimney. Go west from Gyre Rapids Waypoint (see image below) until the southern-entrance is (see image below) leading underground is located. There is no path to the hero point using this entrance. Alternatively, go west from Concordia Waypoint (see image below) until you locate the northern-entrance (see image below).

Locations and objectives[edit]

Hero Challenges
Hero point.png Ritual Tribal Paint