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Cathedral of Flames Gate

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Cathedral of Flames Gate

Point of Interest
Doomlore Ruins
(Grothmar Valley)
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Cathedral of Flames Gate leads to a sprawling underground complex called the Cathedral of Flames. The origins of these structures remain unclear, though they were once used by the shaman caste as a place of worship, torture, and execution. Ghosts of those killed in Ascalon now haunt these ruins, led by Lady Murakai.


250 years ago, its entrance was Doomlore Shrine, a former shrine to the Titans full of dark magic.[1] The cathedral and shrine were used as a base of operations by Scorch Maulclaw of the shaman caste, who was tasked by Hierophant Burntsoul to hunt down, capture, and execute Pyre Fierceshot and his warband after they destroyed a charr temple.[2][3] After Scorch Maulclaw's death, Pyre and the Hero of Ascalon went into the Cathedral of Flames to free the Fierce Warband from Flamemaster Maultooth, Scorch's chief torturer, who unleashed Charr Effigies on the rescue party.

After their freedom, Doomlore Shrine was used as an outpost by the Fierce warband and the Hero of Ascalon as they began the charr rebellion. Hoping to find means to improve their disposition, the Fierce warband began exploring the Cathedral of Flames and discovered a collapsed tunnel. Clearing out the rubble led to a treasure vault full of spoils from Rin, Surmia, and Diessa. However, the souls of Ascalonians killed by the charr for these treasures were attached to the spoils of war, and were brought north along with. With the rubble blocking their path cleared, they swarmed out attacking the charr. Among the souls of the dead was a powerful necromancer, Murakai, who planned to channel the power of the souls to create a Storm of Souls to attack all the living.[4][5] Fearing ghosts, Gron Fierceclaw requested the assistance of the Hero to bring Murakai down. They succeeded, though knew that Murakai could return one day.

In the time since then, Doomlore Shrine has become abandoned as the souls have begun flooding out of the Cathedral of Flames. Murakai remains, attempting to kill the living as she makes the cathedral her home.


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