Aureate weapons

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Aureate weapons

Cultural weapons
Karma weapons
Loot weapons
Req. level
39, 46, 53, 60, 67, 74, 80

Aureate weapons are a weapon set distinctive to the Kryta region.

Variant summary[edit]

Level Sigil
39 Major Sigil of Battle.png Major Sigil of Battle
46 Major Sigil of Ogre Slaying.png Major Sigil of Ogre Slaying
53 Major Sigil of Earth.png Major Sigil of Earth
60 Major Sigil of Water.png Major Sigil of Water
67 Major Sigil of Corruption.png Major Sigil of Corruption
74 Major Sigil of Energy.png Major Sigil of Energy
80 Major Sigil of Air.png Major Sigil of Air


Item Type Item link
Main hand
Aureate Axe.png Aureate Axe Axe
Aureate Dirk.png Aureate Dirk Dagger
Aureate Mace.png Aureate Mace Mace
Aureate Pistol.png Aureate Pistol Pistol
Aureate Virge.png Aureate Virge Scepter
Aureate Rinblade.png Aureate Rinblade Sword
Off hand
Aureate Charm.png Aureate Charm Focus
Aureate Targe.png Aureate Targe Shield
Aureate Sconce.png Aureate Sconce Torch
Aureate Warhorn.png Aureate Warhorn Warhorn
Aureate Highlander Greatsword.png Aureate Highlander Greatsword Greatsword
Aureate Warhammer.png Aureate Warhammer Hammer
Aureate Longbow.png Aureate Longbow Longbow
Aureate Musket.png Aureate Musket Rifle
Aureate Short Bow.png Aureate Short Bow Short bow
Aureate Staff.png Aureate Staff Staff
Aureate Speargun.png Aureate Speargun Harpoon gun
Aureate Spear.png Aureate Spear Spear
Aureate Trident.png Aureate Trident Trident


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