Warden weapons

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Warden weapons are Erare level 80 weapons that can be purchased for 63,000 Karma.png per piece from Fealla in the Garden of Dusk, in The Grove, with the Berserker's attribute set. They are the Tier 3 cultural weapon for Sylvari.


Skin Game link
Warden Axe.png Warden Axe
Warden Dagger.png Warden Dagger
Warden Mace.png Warden Mace
Warden Pistol.png Warden Pistol
Warden Scepter.png Warden Scepter
Warden Sword.png Warden Sword
Warden Focus.png Warden Focus
Warden Shield.png Warden Shield
Warden Torch.png Warden Torch
Warden Warhorn.png Warden Warhorn
Warden Greatsword.png Warden Greatsword
Warden Hammer.png Warden Hammer
Warden Longbow.png Warden Longbow
Warden Rifle.png Warden Rifle
Warden Short Bow.png Warden Short Bow
Warden Trident.png Warden Staff
Warden Harpoon Gun.png Warden Harpoon Gun
Warden Speargun.png Warden Speargun
Warden Spear.png Warden Spear
Warden Trident.png Warden Trident