Penelope the Unconquerable

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Penelope the Unconquerable


Interactive map (Surface)

Penelope the Unconquerable is a merchant on top of the jumping puzzle within Armistice Bastion.


The Mists

Getting there[edit]

Primary article: Armistice Bastion (jumping puzzle)

Items offered[edit]

The Catmander's Compendium costs less if the Commander's Compendium has been already been purchased.

Item Type Rarity Cost
Mini Yellow Catmander.png Mini Yellow Catmander Miniature Exotic 100 WvW Skirmish Claim Ticket
Mini Blue Catmander.png Mini Blue Catmander Miniature Exotic 100 WvW Skirmish Claim Ticket
Catmander's Compendium.png Catmander's Compendium Consumable Basic 300 Gold coin + 250 Badge of Honor
Catmander's Compendium.png Catmander's Compendium
(Requires the item Commander's Compendium.)
Consumable Basic 150 Gold coin + 250 Badge of Honor

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