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Sylvari Asura Human Norn Charr
Druid tango icon 20px.png Maris Leafloom ♀ Chronomancer tango icon 20px.png Emerr Shardport ♂ Holosmith tango icon 20px.png Aletera Foxlight ♂ Herald tango icon 20px.png Macks Aries ♀ Firebrand tango icon 20px.png Riot Deepsight ♂
Necromancer tango icon 20px.png Kongou Serenity ♀ Mirage tango icon 20px.png Assistant Dreema ♀ Tempest tango icon 20px.png Carolyn Foxlight ♀ Berserker tango icon 20px.png Charm Alisdottir ♀
Ranger tango icon 20px.png Aldam Nightsphere ♂ Daredevil tango icon 20px.png/Deadeye tango icon 20px.png Mandy Andili ♀


You may contact me via:


My main is a sylvari druid. I am a member of We Still Need Therapy [NOW]. I play on Henge of Denravi [NA]. I have been playing Guild Wars 2 since January, 2015.

I look forward to contributing to the wiki with you all. Please treat me kindly.


Maps: Caledon Forest, Hoelbrak, Dry Top, Auric Basin, Desert Highlands
JPs: (Morgan's Leap / Dark Reverie), Hidden Garden, Drydock Scratch, Searing Ascent, Abaddon's Ascent
Home instance: Salma District
Guild hall: Lost Precipice
Festival: Lunar New Year
Mount: Skimmer or Raptor
Order: Durmand Priory
Race: Sylvari
Class: Druid
Pet: Juvenile Fanged Iboga
Tonics: Endless Miniature Tonic, Endless Anomaly Fragment, Endless Mordrem Teragriff Tonic