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United States
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Henge of Denravi (US)
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9,500  (Respected Achiever)
Allies For Knowledge [AFK]
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Friend of the Vabbians
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Necromancer tango icon 20px.png Necromancer

I recommend doing daily fractals. It is the best way to maximize your gold-to-time ratio.

— IStand

IStand.6319 has been an active community member since he first joined the game in October 2016. IStand spent the first 5 months playing the game as free to play during which time he earned 100% world completion. After buying the game IStand, having a type A personality, created one character for each profession at level 80. Each character has both of their elite specializations, a full set of at least exotic armor (Several characters have an ascended armor set as well), and enough exotic weapons for every possible weapon combination of that profession. This enables IStand to quickly switch to any desired build when out of combat with all his characters. Also, each of IStand's characters is a grandmaster in one of the nine crafting disciplines.

IStand has 25 nodes for his home instance and is passively looking to add more. IStand regularly farms Fractals for gold and has unlocked all 100 levels.

IStand is level 295 on the mastery track. With the help of a wealthy friend, IStand has unlocked the griffon mount as well as the commander tag and the catmander tag. IStand is a member of Boss Nation [BOSS], Illuminating Darkness [DARK], and Vengeance is Primal [VIP]. IStand also runs a smaller guild called Allies For Knowledge [AFK]. One of IStand's favorite activities to pass the time is to walk around Queensdale with a mentor tag and help new players.

IStand is currently working on crafting the Twilight and Ad Infinitum legendaries. In addition to upgrading and maintaining his guild.

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