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Interactive map (Surface)

Annamh is a sylvari cultural armor merchant located southeast of Upper Commons Waypoint.


Items offered[edit]

Item Type Level Cost
Evergreen Boots.png Evergreen Boots Medium boots 35 34 Silver coin
Evergreen Coat.png Evergreen Coat Medium chest 35 80 Silver coin
Evergreen Helm.png Evergreen Helm Medium headgear 35 40 Silver coin
Evergreen Gloves.png Evergreen Gloves Medium gloves 35 34 Silver coin
Evergreen Leggings.png Evergreen Leggings Medium leggings 35 60 Silver coin
Evergreen Shoulderguards.png Evergreen Shoulderguards Medium shoulders 35 40 Silver coin
Arborist Boots.png Arborist Boots Heavy boots 35 34 Silver coin
Arborist Coat.png Arborist Coat Heavy chest 35 80 Silver coin
Arborist Helm.png Arborist Helm Heavy headgear 35 40 Silver coin
Arborist Gloves.png Arborist Gloves Heavy gloves 35 34 Silver coin
Arborist Leggings.png Arborist Leggings Heavy leggings 35 60 Silver coin
Arborist Shoulderguards.png Arborist Shoulderguards Heavy shoulders 35 40 Silver coin
Snapdragon Boots.png Snapdragon Boots Light boots 35 34 Silver coin
Snapdragon Coat.png Snapdragon Coat Light chest 35 80 Silver coin
Snapdragon Helm.png Snapdragon Helm Light headgear 35 40 Silver coin
Snapdragon Gloves.png Snapdragon Gloves Light gloves 35 34 Silver coin
Snapdragon Leggings.png Snapdragon Leggings Light leggings 35 60 Silver coin
Snapdragon Epaulets.png Snapdragon Epaulets Light shoulders 35 40 Silver coin


If not Sylvari
Interesting. Sadly, you need a connection to the Tree and the Dream to wear my armor. This is only for sylvari.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks. I'm leaving.