Corrupted Spike

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Corrupted Spike

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The Corrupted Spike juts out from the ground at a Sons of Svanir encampment near Hunter's Lake. Unleashing its frozen wrath summons forth a Veteran Elder Icebrood Troll and two Icebrood Minions. Destroy them, and the Defeat the elder icebrood troll and his minions hero challenge will be complete.


Northern Shiverpeaks

Event involvement[edit]

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Defeat the elder icebrood troll and his minions (10)


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So cold—like tiny daggers pricking your skin. A great and terrible power lies waiting here.
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Sure, I think I can handle it.
Talk end option tango.png
No thanks!
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The power you sensed remains, but lies dormant.
Talk end option tango.png