Help Albin Chronicler trade with the jotun tribe

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Help Albin Chronicler trade with the jotun tribe

The Icesteppes
(Wayfarer Foothills)
Renown NPC
Albin Chronicler
Trade successful.
Scout (map icon).png Scout
71 Copper coin
142 Karma
488 Experience.png

Interactive map

Slay rock dogs, or trade jotun objects from surrounding areas in exchange for jotun runestones; give runestones to Albin.

— Heart objective

Help Albin Chronicler trade with the jotun tribe is a renown heart in The Icesteppes, Wayfarer Foothills.


Heart map

Contributing actions[edit]

This renown heart requires facilitating trade between two groups of jotuns and bringing back Jotun Runestones to Albin Chronicler. There are four basic ways to proceed:

  1. Collect nearby items and trade them to the jotun offering the best price in runestones — 5% heart progress
  2. Facilitate trade between the two sets of jotuns, gaining additional runestones along the way — 5% heart progress for buying, another 5% for selling
  3. Give Jotun Runestones to Albin Chronicler — 2% heart progress each
  4. Defeat Rock Dogs spawning in the area — 10% heart progress

The first method is the simplest and requires finding 9 objects. The second can be done with fewer transactions and some consider it to be more enjoyable. In both cases, you need to pick up one of the objects listed below and trade with at least one jotun get get started.

Defeating Rock Dogs can speed up the whole process, but it may take a while if there are other players killing them too. It is a good idea to just kill them when they are around and not wait for them to spawn.

Available objects[edit]

See the color marked map to the right for the locations of the objects listed below:

Object Skill Sell to Sell price Color mark
Loose Ore Throw Boulder.png Throw Rock East, Kakifein 5 Blue
Griffon Egg Eat Egg.png Eat Egg East, Grokor 5 Red
Rabbit Hole Hare's Speed.png Hare's Speed West, Trugg 5 Pink
  • Some jotun will offer two runestones for the items above; others will refuse to trade for them.
  • Each bundle offers a specific skill, however using that skill destroys the bundle and prevents you from trading, except for the Hare's Speed provided by the rabbits.
  • Bundles disappear if not sold or used within a certain period of time.

Trading options[edit]

All these objects appear as "Unknown". In order to tell them apart, a description is provided:

Appears as Bundle Buy from Cost Sell to Sell price Profit
Shaking cage Rabbit (charmable)1 East, Kakifein 2 East, Grokor 8 6
Metal bar Metal Bar West, Trugg 4 West, Jokull 8 4
Barrel Barrel East, Grokor 4 West, Trugg 8 4
Armor scraps Rusty Scrap West, Jokull 4 East, Kakifein 8 4
Bottle Elixir of Heroes West, Jokull 3 East, Grokor 5 2
Sack Bunny Food West, Trugg 3 East, Kakifein 5 2
Blacksmith tongs Tool East, Kakifein 3 West, Trugg 5 2
Shovel Shovel East, Grokor 3 West, Jokull 5 2
Snow Truffle Truffle East, Grokor 2 East, Kakifein 2 0
Stone block Rubble West, Jokull 2 West, Trugg 2 0
Rusty sword Rusty Scrap East, Kakifein 4 West, Jokull 2 -2
Crate Norn Supplies2 West, Trugg 2 -2
1 Rangers can use Charm Rabbit with the rabbit traded for two Jotun Runestones by interacting with the cage behind Kakifein. This will summon a Friendly Rabbit ally that will not follow the player. The rabbit will roam the area for a very long time attacking any foes it encounters until it dies or disappears. Rabbits from Rabbit Holes will not provide this skill.
2 Norn Supplies is an item that goes into inventory. Although none of the jotun will buy it, it can be used to complete Recover supplies stolen by the grawl and return them to Thraeingr.

Completion message[edit]

Renown Heart completion (cropped).png

We Made a Deal

Thought [sic] it may not seem like much, the trading we did with those Jotun will make a lasting impact on their tribes. Hopefully they will learn from this experience and continue to trade peacefully with each other for years to come. As an added bonus, the runic bloodstones that we received will go a long way toward our efforts in reading the ancient Jotun languages. We may decipher the ancient Jotun texts just yet!

— Albin Chronicler, Durmand Priory

You get:
71 Copper coin 142 Karma 488 Experience.png

Complete heart (map icon).png Merchant Unlocked: Albin Chronicler


  • Make sure you have some room in your inventory before starting, otherwise you will not receive runestones, will not be notified about successful transactions, and will slow down your progress.
  • After completing the renown heart, players can still use their remaining Jotun Runestones when interacting with the unnamed objects to buy from the jotun, but they will not buy back the bundles.