Priestess of Melandru (speed boons)

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Priestess of Melandru is a human priestess found in Divinity's Reach who follows the teachings of Melandru and offers a speed boon to travelers.




If not blessed
Melandru is the goddess of nature and earth. Hers are the branches that shade and shelter weary travelers. her blessing will grant you speed on your journey.
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That's exactly what I need.
The wild is at my beck and call and aids me in my cause.
As one blessed by nature, so too shall you be blessed by Melandru.
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Thank you.
My words are an early spring morning, stirring others to life and action.
Like a sapling taking root, Melandru favors those who foster new beginnings.
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Thank you.
I'm a force of nature by myself. I never back down!
Like the greatest of mountains, Melandru favors those with great strength tempered by resolve.
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Thank you.
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If blessed
The blessings of Melandru are already upon you. Go forth in her light.
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Thank you.


May Melandru guide you.
Melandru lives in all life.
You seek guidance?
Preserve the wilderness and it will preserve you.
May Melandru blaze your path.