Shortcut Eagle

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Shortcut Eagle

Shortcut Eagle.jpg

Pain Cliffs
Shortcut Eagle flying.jpg

The Shortcut Eagle in flight.

I'm SHORTCUT EAGLE. I can fly you to a new location.

— Shortcut Eagle

Shortcut Eagle is an ally found inside the Pain Cliffs in Super Adventure Box, who will allow the player to skip most of the level in Normal and Exploration Modes. It will dump you just outside the final checkpoint.


Maguuma Jungle

Getting there[edit]

Shortcut Eagle is found part way through World 2 Zone 2, tucked away behind a large outcropping near a spinning flower. Keep to the right hand side after feeding the Octopus, looking for the spinning flower and a cloud. From here, you must carefully land a jump from the edge of a grassy hill near the spinning flower to the dissolving cloud to the other grassy platform. From there, use the Glove of Wisdom ability to push a block up to a nearby tree, and jump your way up to the Eagle.


Jumping off after a set amount of flocks of owls passed results in different zone progress.

Flocks of owls passed Resulting Checkpoint
1 - 3 no progress
4 - 9 6
10 - 13 10
14 (until the end) above 13


  • Using the Shortcut Eagle in Tribulation Mode will take you to the start of the level instead of the end. However, it will not reset your last checkpoint.
  • While travelling, you will occasionally be assaulted by flocks of owls, which will cause damage and knock back. Those that fly into Shortcut Eagle's head will be destroyed, so you can stand behind its head to stay safe.

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