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Amaranda the Lonesome


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My friend Amaranda spends her life meditating on the Dream. She understands its nature more than any other mystic of firstborn.


Amaranda the Lonesome is a sylvari secondborn hermit and a close friend of Trahearne living on a rise overlooking the Venlin Vale.[1] She has a very strong tie to the Dream of Dreams, which has driven her to seeking seclusion. After meeting Malyck, Amaranda's discussions with scholars resulted in a book titled The Nightmare Harbinger.


Personal story[edit]

Amaranda awakened as one of the secondborn sylvari in the Grove. Her connection to the Dream of Dreams was exceptional even when compared to the firstborn, but it also made her feel every ebb and flow in the Dream. She became a close friend of the firstborn Trahearne, sympathizing with his seemingly impossible Wyld Hunt to purify Orr which many other sylvari often mocked him for.

The connection eventually became too much for her, so she left her home and traveled to the distant Venlin Vale in Brisban Wildlands as she could only gain perspective on the Dream far from the Pale Tree. Her distance from others earned her the name Amaranda the Lonesome.

In 1325 AE, Amaranda was visited by Trahearne, the Valiant, and the mysterious sylvari Malyck whose origins they wished to ascertain from the Dream. However, the Knight of Embers who was hunting Malyck had anticipated the sylvari's decision to seek out the seer and sent Meinir of the Beasts to capture Amaranda and set up an ambush.

After being rescued from Meinir, Amaranda was not certain if Trahearne was another one of her visions until the group informed her that they were indeed real. Learning what they were after, the seer looked into Malyck's eyes and saw strange images about a distant shore, darkness, a root, a cave and how Malyck appeared to be the seed of what Ronan had known but never told anyone about but which lingered on in the Dream.

While the group came to the realization that Malyck was not a sylvari from the Pale Tree but from another tree unknown to them, the Knight of Embers announced her presence and swore to take this information to Grand Duchess Faolain so the whole Nightmare Court would realize Malyck's importance and hunt him to the ends of the earth. Understanding what was at stake, Trahearne urged his companions to help him stop the Knight of Embers from delivering the news to Faolain, bidding farewell to Amaranda.

Before leaving, the Valiant exchanged a few words with the seer, learning more about her past with Trahearne as well as how she felt about Malyck's existence. Amaranda also revealed that the Dream had whispered to her about the Valiant whose choices would shape the world and who would know great sorrow and a great victory.

Inspired by her meeting with Malyck, Amaranda had discussions with other people which were compiled into a book called The Nightmare Harbinger. The book eventually ended up in the vaults of the Durmand Priory.

Living World Season 4[edit]

In 1332 AE, Amaranda was approached by the Pact Commander who was seeking her counsel on where to find spirit magic to infuse into a skyscale egg. The seer advised the Commander to find such magic in places of historical significance where great events or people had once trod.


Maguuma Jungle

Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]


Commander, it's good to see you. What brings you out here?
Talk collection option.png I need a source of spirit magic to absorb into this egg.
Spirit magic hangs in places of historical significance. Go where great events or people once trod.
Talk collection option.png Thanks!
Talk end option tango.png No idea.



  • Amaranda wears Dryad Epaulets, Orchid Gloves, Orchid Boots, and unique chest and legging pieces.
  • Before sylvari NPCs' glows were fixed, Amaranda had a green glow whereas most had an orange glow. After the fix, her glow became light purple.

Related achievements[edit]


  1. ^ An Unknown Soul
    <Character name>: Who is Amaranda and how do you know her?
    Trahearne: She's a secondborn, awakened from the Pale Tree just after the firstborn. Her connection to the Dream is incredible.