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Disambig icon.png This article is about the equipment. For the attribute, see Armor (attribute).
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Male Light Medium Heavy

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Armor is equipment that is worn to provide defense against strike damage in combat and to provide attribute bonuses through its attribute combinations and upgrade components. Armor provides no protection against conditions. Armor is divided into three armor classes, which correspond to the three profession types; scholars wear light armor, adventurers wear medium armor, and soldiers wear heavy armor. Most armor is part of an armor set.


The method of acquisition of armor varies depending on the type of armor. All players are given a set of starting armor when they create a character. Beyond that, some common methods of acquisition are:

Armor slots[edit]

There are six standard slots for armor, covering the head, shoulders, chest, hands, legs, and feet. There are also the aquatic headgear, which replaces headgear when the player enters underwater mode.

Headgear, shoulders and gloves can all be set to be hidden to not display their appearances.

Icon Slot Can be hidden? List of equipment
Headwear Headgear Yes Light headgear
Medium headgear
Heavy headgear
Shoulderwear Shoulders Yes Light shoulders
Medium shoulders
Heavy shoulders
Chestwear Chest No Light chests
Medium chests
Heavy chests
Handwear Gloves Yes Light gloves
Medium gloves
Heavy gloves
Legwear Leggings No Light leggings
Medium leggings
Heavy leggings
Footwear Boots No Light boots
Medium boots
Heavy boots
Aquatic Headgear Aquatic Headgear No Aquatic Headgear

Armor lists[edit]


The Equipment tab of the Hero panel.

Armor set[edit]

Primary article: Armor set

An armor set is a group of armor pieces that are designed to go together and which have a common appearance, name, and method of acquisition. Most pieces of armor are part of an armor set that has an appearance unique to that armor set. Sometimes, however, a piece of armor can be part of an armor set, but have a skin that is not unique to that armor set. An example of this is Yakkington's Helm. It is part of the armor set Yakkington's armor as but it uses the skin for Scallywag armor. In cases such as this, the item name indicates its armor set, and the skin name used in the wardrobe indicates its skin set.

The counterpart to armor sets are non-set armor pieces: these are unique skins (such as Fanatic's Mantle) or slots (such as Aquatic Headgear) which are never found as part of a set.


The skin of a piece of armor is separate from the stats, and can be changed. Players can do this using the wardrobe. Any unlocked armor skin can be selected in the wardrobe, which will apply that skin to the piece of armor the player is currently wearing in the same slot. At first this is only a preview, and players can then apply the changes by clicking the "apply" button. Doing this will cost Transmutation Charges, one charge for every slot that is changed. Transmutation Charges can be obtained from the Gem Store, Black Lion Chests, or map completion.

There are also skin items, a consumable item that can be used to apply that skin to a piece of armor for free. Skin items are most commonly encountered as rewards for Living World participation, from the Gem Store, and from the Armor Master in WvW. Skin items are single use, and when they are used, they will apply the skin and also unlock the skin in the player's wardrobe for later use. Once unlocked, applying the skin via the wardrobe will cost a Transmutation Charge as usual. If the skin item can be obtained more than once, re-obtaining the skin will allow for another free use. Some skins, such as Heritage armor skins, can be applied for free even when using the wardrobe.


Primary article: Dye

Players can use dyes to change the color of their armor. Each piece of armor has one to four dye channels, or different areas that can be dyed. If a piece of armor has just one dye channel, the entire piece can only be colored one color. If there are three channels, it can be three different colors, with each color confined to a specific area. Dyes can also be removed using the dye remover, which will color the set of armor its default color. Once a piece of armor is dyed, the dye scheme is remembered and will be retained if it is taken off and put back on.

Defense rating[edit]

The defense rating of armor is based on the armor class, armor type, level, and rarity of the armor. The following table indicates defense ratings for level 80 armor

Armor Piece Basic Fine Masterwork Rare Exotic Ascended
Light Medium Heavy Light Medium Heavy Light Medium Heavy Light Medium Heavy Light Medium Heavy Light Medium Heavy
Headgear 44 59 73 55 74 92 60 80 100 65 86 107 73 97 121 77 102 127
Shoulders 44 59 73 55 74 92 60 80 100 65 86 107 73 97 121 77 102 127
Chest 190 205 219 238 257 275 258 278 298 278 299 321 314 338 363 330 355 381
Gloves 81 95 110 101 119 138 109 129 149 118 139 161 133 157 182 140 165 191
Leggings 117 132 146 147 165 184 159 179 199 171 193 214 194 218 242 203 229 254
Boots 81 95 110 101 119 138 109 129 149 118 139 161 133 157 182 140 165 191
Totals 557 645 731 697 808 919 755 875 995 815 942 1071 920 1064 1211 967 1118 1271


Primary article: Attribute
See also: Attribute combinations#Attribute bonuses at level 80

In addition to defense, armor also provides bonuses to attributes. The value of this bonus depends on the level, slot, and rarity only. Different armor weights do not offer different attribute bonuses like they do defense ratings. The attribute bonuses given depends on the prefix of the armor. Some prefixes have both a major and one or more minor bonuses. Quadruple-attribute armor was introduced with Heart of Thorns, and are available only as level 80 exotic and ascended varieties. Celestial (or nonuple-attribute) armor is also available only as level 80 exotic and ascended, and offers smaller bonuses to nine attributes.

The following tables indicate attribute bonus values for triple-, quadruple-, and Celestial level 80 armor:

Triple-Attribute bonuses
Equipment Slot Basic Fine Masterwork Rare Exotic Ascended
Major Minor Major Minor Major Minor Major Minor Major Minor Major Minor
Headgear 36 26 45 32 49 35 53 38 60 43 63 45
Shoulders 27 19 34 24 37 26 40 28 45 32 47 34
Chest 81 58 102 73 110 79 119 85 134 96 141 101
Gloves 27 19 34 24 37 26 40 28 45 32 47 34
Leggings 54 39 68 48 73 52 79 57 90 64 94 67
Boots 27 19 34 24 37 26 40 28 45 32 47 34
Totals 252 180 317 225 343 244 371 264 419 299 439 315
Quadruple-Attribute and Celestial bonuses
Equipment Slot Rare Exotic Ascended
Major Minor Celestial Major Minor Celestial Major Minor Celestial
Headgear 45 25 25 51 28 28 54 30 30
Shoulders 34 19 19 38 21 21 40 22 22
Chest 102 56 56 115 63 63 121 67 67
Gloves 34 19 19 38 21 21 40 22 22
Leggings 68 37 37 77 42 42 81 44 44
Boots 34 19 19 38 21 21 40 22 22
Totals 317 175 175 357 196 196 376 207 207

Upgrade slot[edit]

Every piece of armor comes with an upgrade slot where an upgrade component can be placed. Upgrade components provide attribute bonuses and other effects. The upgrade components that can be placed in armor are runes and universal upgrades. Only one upgrade component can be in an upgrade slot, and applying a new upgrade component will destroy the previous upgrade component. When armor is salvaged, players have a chance to get the upgrade component back instead of destroying it. The probability of this depends on the quality of the kit used, and ranges from 5% with a Crude Salvage Kit to 100% with a Black Lion Salvage Kit


Primary article: Rune

Runes are a type of upgrade component that can only be applied to armor, including aquatic headgear, but not back pieces. Runes have tiered bonuses that increase for each of the same type of rune equipped. Minor runes have two tiers of bonuses, major runes have 4 tiers, and superior runes have six tiers. The bonuses are not only to attributes, but can also have special effects. A limitation of runes is that equipping more runes than the rune has tiers will not give any additional bonuses.

Universal upgrade[edit]

Primary article: Universal upgrade

Universal upgrades can be placed in armor, weapons, and trinkets. Universal upgrades only provide attribute bonuses in combinations that match established prefixes. Gemstones are the most commonly used universal upgrade.

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