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Flame Legion Camp (jumping puzzle)

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Flame Legion Camp


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Flame Legion Camp within Grothmar Valley includes a short jumping puzzle. To start the puzzle, one needs to speak with the Flame Legion Smoke Shaman near the Eternal Flame brazier.


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For an easier completion take utility skills that grant you regeneration, since it does not count as healing. The Guardian's Virtue of Resolve heal does count as healing for the purposes of this achievement. Swiftness might also help you, but be careful not to jump too far with it. Then follow the fastest route up.
An easy way to complete this achievement is to go to the end chest, atop a rock formation near the Eternal Cauldron, dropping any type of portal there, then talking to the Flame Legion Smoke Shaman; once the effect has been triggered, simply use the portal to teleport back up to the chest.



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