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Black Citadel[edit]

ID Link Location
827 Point of interest.pngAsh Tribune Quarters
828 Point of interest.pngBlood Tribune Quarters
829 Point of interest.pngFahrar of Young Heroes
830 Point of interest.pngAbandoned Caverns (Access Prohibited)
831 Point of interest.pngIron Tribune Quarters
832 Point of interest.pngDurmand Scriptorium
833 Point of interest.pngVigil Chapterhouse
834 Point of interest.pngSerrated Blade Tavern
924 Point of interest.pngAsh Checkpoint 13
925 Point of interest.pngHero's Forum
926 Point of interest.png20th Blood Cohort
927 Point of interest.pngAshford Gate
928 Point of interest.png12th Iron Maniple
929 Point of interest.pngCitadel Stockade
930 Point of interest.pngStorm Caller Triumph
931 Point of interest.pngThe War Council
1140 Point of interest.pngPlaza of Remembrance
ID Link Location
932 Waypoint (tango icon).pngGladium Waypoint
933 Waypoint (tango icon).pngMustering Ground Waypoint
934 Waypoint (tango icon).pngMemorial Waypoint
935 Waypoint (tango icon).pngFactorium Waypoint
936 Waypoint (tango icon).pngDiessa Gate Waypoint
937 Waypoint (tango icon).pngLigacus Aquilo Waypoint
938 Waypoint (tango icon).pngBane Waypoint
939 Waypoint (tango icon).pngHero's Waypoint
940 Waypoint (tango icon).pngRuins of Rin Waypoint
941 Waypoint (tango icon).pngImperator's Waypoint
1079 Waypoint (tango icon).pngJunker's Waypoint
1833 Waypoint (tango icon).pngHaunted Nolani Waypoint
ID Link Location
1448 Vista.pngJunker's Scrapyard Vista
1449 Vista.pngRuins of Rin Vista
1450 Vista.pngLigacus Notos Vista
1451 Vista.pngMemorial Quadrant Vista
1452 Vista.pngGladium Canton Vista

Divinity's Reach[edit]

ID Link Location
253 Point of interest.pngShrine of the Six
254 Point of interest.pngSeraph Headquarters
255 Point of interest.pngQueen's Throne Room
256 Point of interest.pngMina's Target Shooting
257 Point of interest.pngDurmand Hall
258 Point of interest.pngMaiden's Whisper
259 Point of interest.pngUzolan's Mechanical Orchestra
260 Point of interest.pngVigil Hall
261 Point of interest.pngVanguard Hospital
262 Point of interest.pngQueen's Heart Orphanage
263 Point of interest.pngMinister Zamon's Mansion
264 Point of interest.pngMinister Wi's Mansion
265 Point of interest.pngChamber of Ministers
266 Point of interest.pngManor Hill
267 Point of interest.pngCottage Bend
268 Point of interest.pngRook's Row
269 Point of interest.pngHaidryn's Menagerie
270 Point of interest.pngCentral Plaza
817 Point of interest.pngSkull Plaza
843 Point of interest.pngThe Busted Flagon
1805 Point of interest.pngThe Dead End
1822 Point of interest.pngTorchbearer
ID Link Location
803 Waypoint (tango icon).pngDwayna Waypoint
804 Waypoint (tango icon).pngGrenth Waypoint
805 Waypoint (tango icon).pngKormir Waypoint
806 Waypoint (tango icon).pngLyssa Waypoint
807 Waypoint (tango icon).pngMelandru Waypoint
808 Waypoint (tango icon).pngBalthazar Waypoint
809 Waypoint (tango icon).pngPalace Waypoint
810 Waypoint (tango icon).pngCommons Waypoint
811 Waypoint (tango icon).pngRurikton Waypoint
812 Waypoint (tango icon).pngCrown Pavilion Waypoint
813 Waypoint (tango icon).pngOssan Waypoint
814 Waypoint (tango icon).pngSalma Waypoint
1278 Waypoint (tango icon).pngMinisters Waypoint
ID Link Location
1399 Vista.pngThe Upper City Vista
1400 Vista.pngOssan Quarter Vista
1401 Vista.pngThe Crown Pavilion Vista
1402 Vista.pngPlaza of Grenth Vista
1403 Vista.pngPlaza of Melandru Vista
1404 Vista.pngPlaza of Lyssa Vista


ID Link Location
881 Point of interest.pngCourage Brewery
882 Point of interest.pngFang of the Serpent
883 Point of interest.pngBrawler's Bout
884 Point of interest.pngThe Great Rise
885 Point of interest.pngSkarti's Steading
886 Point of interest.pngStonewright's Steading
887 Point of interest.pngSigfast's Steading
888 Point of interest.pngMaster Blackforge's Steading
889 Point of interest.pngOld Fiach's Lorestead
890 Point of interest.pngBoasting Hall
891 Point of interest.pngHrothbeir's Rest
892 Point of interest.pngVheratha's Tavern
893 Point of interest.pngPriory Encampment
894 Point of interest.pngDragon Hallow
895 Point of interest.pngVigil Billet
896 Point of interest.pngLost Spirits' Hallow
897 Point of interest.pngBear Hallow
898 Point of interest.pngWolf Hallow
899 Point of interest.pngRaven Hallow
900 Point of interest.pngSnow Leopard Hallow
952 Point of interest.pngKnut Whitebear's Loft
1135 Point of interest.pngTraveler's Loft
1263 Point of interest.pngRaven Hearth
ID Link Location
901 Waypoint (tango icon).pngMight and Main Waypoint
902 Waypoint (tango icon).pngTrade Commons Waypoint
903 Waypoint (tango icon).pngSnow Leopard Waypoint
904 Waypoint (tango icon).pngRaven Waypoint
905 Waypoint (tango icon).pngBear Waypoint
906 Waypoint (tango icon).pngWolf Waypoint
907 Waypoint (tango icon).pngShelter Rock Waypoint
908 Waypoint (tango icon).pngLegends Waypoint
909 Waypoint (tango icon).pngEastern Watchpost Waypoint
910 Waypoint (tango icon).pngSouthern Watchpost Waypoint
911 Waypoint (tango icon).pngPeeta's Waypoint
912 Waypoint (tango icon).pngHero's Compass Waypoint
981 Waypoint (tango icon).pngGreat Lodge Waypoint
1288 Waypoint (tango icon).pngUpper Balcony Waypoint
ID Link Location
1444 Vista.pngLake Mourn Vista
1445 Vista.pngBear Lodge Vista
1447 Vista.pngThe Great Lodge Vista
1453 Vista.pngSnow Leopard Vista

Lion's Arch[edit]

ID Link Location
1052 Point of interest.pngOld Lion's Arch
1053 Point of interest.pngMist Portals
1054 Point of interest.pngMoran Memorial
1055 Point of interest.pngCrow's Nest Tavern
1056 Point of interest.pngCoriolis Plaza
1057 Point of interest.pngMystic Plaza
1058 Point of interest.pngDeverol Gardens
1059 Point of interest.pngPhoenix Roost
1060 Point of interest.pngTokk's Mill
1061 Point of interest.pngCaptain Theo Ashford Memorial Bridge
1062 Point of interest.pngThe Vaults
1063 Point of interest.pngDurmand Priory Research Site
1064 Point of interest.pngThe Undermarket
1065 Point of interest.pngLion's Court
1066 Point of interest.pngShuttered Gate
1067 Point of interest.pngVigil Centerhouse
1068 Point of interest.pngFrog Pond
1189 Point of interest.pngField of the Fallen
1190 Point of interest.pngMoorookoo Village
1284 Point of interest.pngThe Free Market
1459 Point of interest.pngBlack Lion Trading Company HQ
1758 Point of interest.pngMacha's Landing
1759 Point of interest.pngOrder of Whispers Headquarters
1874 Point of interest.pngWreckage of the Breachmaker
1884 Point of interest.pngGuild Initiative Headquarters
ID Link Location
1036 Waypoint (tango icon).pngCommodore's Quarter Waypoint
1037 Waypoint (tango icon).pngGuild Bluff Waypoint
1038 Waypoint (tango icon).pngBloodcoast Ward Waypoint
1039 Waypoint (tango icon).pngClaw Island Portage Waypoint
1040 Waypoint (tango icon).pngTrader's Forum Waypoint
1041 Waypoint (tango icon).pngGate Hub Plaza Waypoint
1069 Waypoint (tango icon).pngDiverse Ledges Waypoint
1070 Waypoint (tango icon).pngWestern Ward Waypoint
1071 Waypoint (tango icon).pngSanctum Harbor Waypoint
1072 Waypoint (tango icon).pngFort Marriner Waypoint
1073 Waypoint (tango icon).pngEastern Ward Waypoint
1074 Waypoint (tango icon).pngCavern Waypoint
1075 Waypoint (tango icon).pngFarshore Waypoint
ID Link Location
1390 Vista.pngPostern Ward Vista
1391 Vista.pngCrow's Nest Tavern Vista
1392 Vista.pngInner Harbor West Vista
1393 Vista.pngInner Harbor North Vista
1394 Vista.pngWestern Ward Vista
1395 Vista.pngPhoenix Roost Vista
1396 Vista.pngThe Undermarket Vista
1397 Vista.pngOld Lion's Arch Vista
1398 Vista.pngGrand Piazza Vista
1568 Vista.pngSharkmaw Caverns Vista
1729 Vista.pngBloodcoast Ward Vista

Lion's Arch (Under Attack!)[edit]

ID Link Location
1874 Point of interest.pngWreckage of the Breachmaker
1884 Point of interest.pngLion's Shadow Inn
ID Link Location
1870 Waypoint (tango icon).pngSanctum Harbor Waypoint
1871 Waypoint (tango icon).pngClaw Island Waypoint
1872 Waypoint (tango icon).pngFort Marriner Waypoint
1873 Waypoint (tango icon).pngFarshore Waypoint
1875 Waypoint (tango icon).pngPostern Ward Waypoint
1876 Waypoint (tango icon).pngSmuggler's Waypoint
1877 Waypoint (tango icon).pngDiverse Ledges Waypoint
1878 Waypoint (tango icon).pngTrader's Forum Waypoint
1879 Waypoint (tango icon).pngWestern Ward Waypoint
1880 Waypoint (tango icon).pngGate Hub Plaza Waypoint
1881 Waypoint (tango icon).pngCanal Ward Waypoint
1882 Waypoint (tango icon).pngBloodcoast Ward Waypoint
1883 Waypoint (tango icon).pngEastern Ward Waypoint

Rata Sum[edit]

ID Link Location
1168 Point of interest.pngDept. Of Arcane Eye
1169 Point of interest.pngPolymock Atrium
1170 Point of interest.pngArcane Council
1171 Point of interest.pngPR-1000 Prototype Golem
1172 Point of interest.pngInquest Recruiting Station
1173 Point of interest.pngPeacemakers Headquarters
1174 Point of interest.pngPriory Recruiting Station
1175 Point of interest.pngThe Magihedron
1176 Point of interest.pngForge Hall
1177 Point of interest.pngThamaturgic Calculus
1178 Point of interest.pngSkinner Hall
1179 Point of interest.pngVigil Recruiting Station
1180 Point of interest.pngThe Aquatarium
1181 Point of interest.pngEngaged Demo Station
1182 Point of interest.pngZojja's Workstation (Don't Touch!)
1183 Point of interest.pngUsability Station
1184 Point of interest.pngArtisan Hall
1285 Point of interest.pngAntidawn Anchorage
1286 Point of interest.pngDawnside Quay
ID Link Location
1043 Waypoint (tango icon).pngMetrical Court Waypoint
1044 Waypoint (tango icon).pngMagustan Court Waypoint
1204 Waypoint (tango icon).pngMagicat Court Waypoint
1205 Waypoint (tango icon).pngIncubation Waypoint
1206 Waypoint (tango icon).pngAccountancy Waypoint
1207 Waypoint (tango icon).pngApprentice Waypoint
1208 Waypoint (tango icon).pngResearch Waypoint
1209 Waypoint (tango icon).pngAuxiliary Waypoint
1287 Waypoint (tango icon).pngPort Waypoint
ID Link Location
1481 Vista.pngThe Golem Mines Vista
1482 Vista.pngThe Aquatarium Vista
1483 Vista.pngAntidawn Anchorage Vista
1484 Vista.pngCreator's Commons Vista
1485 Vista.pngSynergetics Union Vista

The Grove[edit]

ID Link Location
1141 Point of interest.pngThe House of Aife
1142 Point of interest.pngThe House of Kahedins
1143 Point of interest.pngThe House of Riannoc
1144 Point of interest.pngThe House of Caithe
1145 Point of interest.pngThe House of Malomedies
1146 Point of interest.pngThe House of Niamh
1147 Point of interest.pngThe Hidden Shelter
1148 Point of interest.pngStarbower Nursery
1149 Point of interest.pngDurmand Posting
1150 Point of interest.pngVigil Shelter
1151 Point of interest.pngThe Soul of the Pale Tree
1152 Point of interest.pngGardenroot Tunnel
1153 Point of interest.pngBackroot Tunnel
1154 Point of interest.pngThe Centaur's Path
1155 Point of interest.pngPale Tree's Circle
1156 Point of interest.pngWarden's Watchgate
1157 Point of interest.pngThe Envoy's Shelter
1158 Point of interest.pngThe Maker's Path
1159 Point of interest.pngVentari's Tablet
ID Link Location
1042 Waypoint (tango icon).pngCaledon Waypoint
1210 Waypoint (tango icon).pngUpper Commons Waypoint
1211 Waypoint (tango icon).pngReckoner's Waypoint
1212 Waypoint (tango icon).pngRonan's Waypoint
ID Link Location
1468 Vista.pngPale Tree's Circle Vista
1469 Vista.pngStarbower Nursery Vista
1470 Vista.pngGreat Helix Vista
1471 Vista.pngCaledon Path Vista
1472 Vista.pngRonan's Bower Vista
1473 Vista.pngThe Maker's Path Vista