Abandoned Caverns (Access Prohibited)

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Abandoned Caverns (Access Prohibited)

Point of Interest
Ruins of Rin
(Black Citadel)
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The Abandoned Caverns (Access Prohibited) is a secret Flame Legion base near the Black Citadel. It was Clement Forktail's old workshop where he and Shaman Mergath Flarekin devised new magical attacks.


  • This area is accessible as an instance during the following personal story missions for charr players: The Flame Advances (Ash Legion) and Sins of the Father (Sorcerous Shaman).
  • This area is also accessible in open world Black Citadel.
  • It is possible to bypass the closed gate and enter this area by the left cliff, which is accessible by gliding from high ledge in the southernmost part of Ruins of Rin through dense foliage.