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Disambig icon.png This article is about an NPC in the PvP tutorial. For the specific NPC/enemy rank, see NPC rank. For the birthday title, see Second Birthday Gift.

Veteran is a scout found in the Heart of the Mists tutorial instance.

Scouting Report[edit]

Welcome to the Heart of the Mists, newcomer. Here you can hone your skills and learn how combat works from experienced veterans. Once you feel you're ready, you can move on into battle. As a wise sage once said: "Know when you can fight and when you cannot, and you will be victorious." Good luck to you.

— Veteran

Renown Heart NPCs[edit]

Level Name Renown NPC Location
0 Capture Points! Trainer (NPC) Heart of the Mists (instance)
0 Finish Your Enemies! Trainer (NPC) Heart of the Mists (instance)
0 Revive Allies! Trainer (NPC) Heart of the Mists (instance)


Complete heart (map icon).png
You've learned all you can here. Feel free to stick around if you want the practice, but you're ready to make your own legend!
Talk end option tango.png
Thank you.