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This is a short guide how to get into World vs World vs World (Wubva,WvW, or World vs World for short) is where three Worlds are put up against each other to battle over key locations like Supply Camps,Towers, Keeps and even a Castle for points towards a War Score and the Rewards and glory that come with it.


World vs World falls well in line with the rest of the game. You don't need to spend a lot of time preparing to play. This is due to several key factors.

  1. Unless you are level 80, you will be scaled up to level 80 upon entering World vs World. It is recommended that you have at least one full weapon set unlocked, and have level appropriate Equipment. This is done so you have a some what even playing field and will help you to over come most obstacles with Skill.
  2. Unlike sPvP the Skill and Equipment you obtained in PvE will carry over to World vs World. So the awesome weapon or armor you have is still as awesome in World vs World.
  3. Your Build while important will only carry you so far in World vs World. You will encounter many unbalanced situations in World vs World. World vs World is not designed to be 100% balanced unlike sPvP. However a certain level of balance is strived for. Due to the extra numbers in the battle it does not matter so much. Battles are won just like in any war with Tactics, Strategy, Organization, and sometimes numbers. At start you don't need to be worried about that though the Commander and your fellow players should be more then willing to give you guidance when you are ready. Communication is key use Chat and talk to the commanders for guidance.

How do I get there[edit]

WvW can be entered from anywhere in the game at any time, by clicking on the little tower in your menu bar (default hot key is B) and choose one of the 4 maps you want to enter, via the drop down list.

By going to Fort Marriner in Lion's Arch where Asura Gates to all the word vs world maps, each gate is labeled (with the exception of overflow maps but you can tell which map you are entreating by the color of the gate.) it also includes an Asura gate to the heart of the mists which is spvp.

Sometimes you will get a prompt that the map you have chosen is currently full. You are now in a queue. You can of course try to enter a different WvW map and start playing there. Once all the maps are full you have to queue to be able to get into wvw.

But this is PvP, right?[edit]

I was always a strict PvE player, but I still enjoy WvW. It even became my favored part of the game. Why is that?!

  • Many WvW activities don't involve an enemy player. So if you can hold yourself in a battle with NPCs you will be fine for the most part.
  • There is always something to do: Capture camps, towers and keeps, kill sentries or supply dolyaks etc. These are just dynamic events. So I you like those, you will enjoy these activities.
But what about the enemy player, you might ask.

They can always appear in any battle you fight, so be vigilant. An enemy player will appear as '[Server name] Invader' if their wvw rank is below 5 above level 5 they will show up as "[Server name] x rank" more information about world ranks and xp can be found here. They also have this nasty tendency to charge at you when your health is low.

But don't fret!

As long as you don't run full Berserker gear and put at least a few point into vitality, toughness or any thing that let's you escape quickly. You will have enough time to turn the battle around or simply flee.

WvW is a Group Effort[edit]

So bring a friend or a few guildies or just tag along with other people you see on the map. It is possible to solo camps, even towers or keeps, but it is much easier and much more fun in a team.

From time to time you might spot a commander on the map (marked with this icon
) which usually leads a huge group or a squad of people into battle. if you are unsure what to do these people most of the time have a knowledge of the battlefield and can help direct you to objectives.

WvW, do you speak it?[edit]

The WvW community has a slang. Here are some of the terms:

  • Zerg - Something about at least 10 people usually lead by a commander.
  • Stacking - The high art of blur together into a blob of people. Strangely enough stacking is a very good method to minimize damage since every attack has an AoE limit. Player attacks usually can only hit 5 people at once.
  • Tag Up/Tag Down - Commanders can activate their tag on the map and above their had. Tag up simply means they activate it, Tag down means they deactivate it. Usually more than one commander on a map gets confusing. So if you are new, you better tag down until you learned your way around.
  • Scout - A scout is someone who sits in a tower, keep or castle and informs other player via map chat if something interesting is happening around the area they are guarding.
  • Dolly Runs - Structures need supply! The get these supply from supply dolyaks or Dollies. A Dolly Run is basically an escort mission to make sure the dolyak arrives safely. (Bring Swiftness buffs to make the Dolly faster!)
  • Flipping - Flipping is the change of ownership of any structure in the game.
  • Hopping - A large group of people (usually the main zerg on the map) changing the map.
  • Facerubbing or player vs Door (PvDoor) - Destroying a gate with non-siege attacks. (Usually by pressing 1)


It is not uncommon for commanders and players to call areas in the borderlands by cardinal directions because each of the borderland maps is layed out the same. so Garrison would be referred to as north keep bay west and hills east.

Structures and Siege weapons[edit]

Camps don't have walls and gates, so capturing a camp is easy.

Towers, Keeps and Stonemist Castle on the other hand have gates which can be destroyed by player, but walls are immune to player damage. Siege weapons will make you life a lot easier when attacking or defending a structure. So here is a run down which siege weapons are good for which job.

It is also possible to fortify Structures to make them easier to defend, but this requires you to own the objective and to spend money, and karma. So its best to allow for other more experienced players to order upgrades if you are feeling generous ask in team chat or your commander what you should spend your hard earned money on.

Is there something more I should know?[edit]

There are a few things which are usually helpful.

  • Being fast is always helpful. Passive speed increases and swiftness are therefor a good addition to your build.
  • Every class has a trait which halves falling damage. This is great for taking shortcuts, move faster across the map and to go there where some enemies can't follow.
  • Lightning fields and blast finisher bestow swiftness. So having a Lightning Field and/or a Blast Finisher is pretty cool to get a zerg moving fast.
  • Water fields can help you to keep you and your sieges alive. This requires a bit disciple, because most other Combo Fields will cancel out the healing effect from Water Fields. So if you want healing put down Water Fields and Water Fields only.
  • Voip - Many servers have a voice chat server (like vent, teamspeak, or mumble) were you can join in for better coordination. If you want to be a key player for your server, you should check it out. Connection info can be found on server's fan websites or just by asking in /team chat.

I want to mention two professions which can have a very different experience in WvW.

  • Thieves - This is the a class which can be a loner and still be very effective. You can have a good time sneaking around the map and killing unsuspecting players. This is a very PvP heavy experience so if you are into these kind of things. Go for it.
  • Mesmer - Portals and Mass Invisibility! You can portal people into an enemy structure to take it in a blink of an eye and you can hide siege golems and armies to strike when the time is ripe. A good commander can do so much with a few coordinated mesmer.