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Armor sets are a set of six armor skins which are designed to match each other and whose names match. Most armor is part of an armor set, though some pieces are not, as such they are standalone*. It is important to note the difference between the armor name and the skin name. In many cases the armor name and the skin name are the same, however in cases where they differ, only the skin name matters for deciding whether or not they are part of a set. For example, karma is made up of armor sets, but the names vary greatly and usually refer to the area in which it is purchased, rather than its aesthetic properties. Armor sets can be broken into groups by their method of acquisition, however some sets can be acquired by more than one means, and in this case, it is classified by the method of acquisition that is most common. World vs World armor

Loot armor[edit]

Loot armor refers to armor found as loot, both dropped by fallen mobs and acquired through chests. Loot armor will be no lower than the players level, and no higher than the level of the monster that dropped it. It can be received in any rarity, from Basic to Exotic. Ascended armor can even be found in chests, though this is extremely rare, and as such ascended armor is more properly classified as crafted armor. Loot armor has a tiered structure, usually with one set per tier for each weight. Most of these pieces can be acquired in a large number of ways, and details for this can be found on the armor pages itself.

Tier Light Set Medium Set Heavy Set Rarity Level Range Notes
1 Apprentice Rawhide Chainmail Basic 0-80
2 Country Studded Worn chain Basic, Fine 0-29 Studded Helm and Studded Shoulders can only be obtained through the personal story.
3 Magician Swindler Worn Scale Fine, Masterwork 11-59
4 Cabalist Privateer Reinforced Scale Fine, Masterwork, Rare 39-80
5 Conjurer Marauder,
Banded Rare, Exotic Only the Marauder Helm can be obtained as loot. Only Privateer Boots can be obtained at this tier. All other slots are Rogue armor, though Rogue armor is easier to obtain as Karma armor. Exotic versions of this tier only dropped as loot in Molten Facility.
6 Seer* Sneakthief Scallywag Exotic This tier is most commonly obtained from map completion of high level zones, though is also on the loot table. It shares its skin with armor from tier 7.
7 /Named armor* Exotic 80 This tier shares its skin with tier 6.

Crafted armor[edit]

Crafted armor is armor that is crafted through the Tailor tango icon 20px.png Tailor, Leatherworker tango icon 20px.png Leatherworker, or Armorsmith tango icon 20px.png Armorsmith crafting professions. There are 7 tiers of crafted armor, one for each level of crafting mastery: novice, initiate, apprentice, journeyman, adept, master, and grandmaster. Additionally, players can craft a rare armor set at tiers 2 through 5, which shares the same skin, and varies only in level requirement.

Tier Light Set Medium Set Heavy Set Rarity Level
1 Embroidered Seeker Chain Fine, Masterwork 10, 15, 20
2 Student Outlaw Scale Fine, Masterwork 30, 35
3 Acolyte Leather Splint Fine, Masterwork 45, 50
4 Winged Rascal Tempered Scale Fine, Masterwork 55, 65
5 Feathered Prowler Barbaric Fine, Masterwork 70, 80
Rare Masquerade Noble Gladiator Rare 35, 50, 65, 80
6 Exalted Emblazoned Draconic Exotic 80
7 Light Illustrious Medium Illustrious Heavy Illustrious Ascended 80

Dungeon armor[edit]

Primary article: /Dungeon armor*

Dungeon armor refers to armor bought using tokens obtained during Explorable Mode dungeon paths. There are two different types, dungeon armor and dungeon rare armor. Dungeon rare armor uses the skins for tier 5 loot armor and matches the level requirement of the dungeon itself. Dungeon armor has unique skins, is exotic, and level 80. Visit the main article for information related its stats and which prefixes come from which dungeon.

Dungeon Light Set Medium Set Heavy Set
Ascalonian Catacombs Ascalonian Performer* Ascalonian Sentry Ascalonian Protector
Caudecus's Manor Council Ministry Council Watch Council Guard
Twilight Arbor Light Nightmare Court Nightmare armor Heavy Nightmare Court
Sorrow's Embrace Light Forgeman Medium Forgeman Heavy Forgeman
Citadel of Flame Light Flame Legion Medium Flame Legion Heavy Flame Legion
Honor of the Waves Light Armor of Koda Medium Armor of Koda Heavy Armor of Koda
Crucible of Eternity Light Inquest Medium Inquest Heavy Inquest
The Ruined City of Arah Armor of the Lich Accursed Grasping Dead

Karma armor[edit]

Karma armor is armor that can be purchased from karma merchants. Inside Orr, there is no requirement to purchase from these merchants, but outside Orr, players must complete renown hearts before accessing a karma merchant's inventory. All karma armor sets except for Duelist armor, Heavy Plate armor, and Temple armor can be purchased in skin form from the Armor Master in WvW. Karma armor lacks a rigid tier structure, but can be approximately listed from lowest level to highest level.

Light Set Medium Set Heavy Set Rarity
Devout Rogue* Militia Fine, Masterwork
Dry Bones Duelist Pit Fighter Fine, Masterwork
Stately Stalker Studded Plate Fine, Masterwork
Heavy Plate Fine, Masterwork
Primitive Buccaneer Dark Templar Fine, Masterwork
Temple Armor
Arcon Rubicon Armageddon Exotic

Cultural armor[edit]

Primary article: Cultural armor

Cultural armor is armor that can only be worn by one particular race. It is sold by cultural armorsmiths, which can be found in each race's city. There are three different weights in three different tiers for each race, meaning 9 unique sets for each race and 45 unique sets in total. They are among the most expensive armor sets in the game. All sets are rare, tier 1 requires level 35, tier 2 requires 60, and tier 3 requires 80.

Tier Light Medium Heavy
1 Adept Protean Galvanic
2 Genius Auxiliary Powered Electroplated
3 Savant Prototype Electromagnetic
1 Invoker's Drover Warband
2 Archon Wrangler Legion
3 Magus Trapper Dreadnought
1 Researcher's Scout's Commander's
2 Aristocrat's Falconer's Avenger's
3 Sorcerer's Assassin's Protector's
1 Sheepskin Wolfborn Dolyak
2 Havroun Predatory Eagle
3 Lupine Wolf Stag
1 Snapdragon Evergreen Arborist
2 Orchid Nightshade Warden
3 Dryad Firstborn Oaken

WvW armor[edit]

Primary article: World vs World armor

WvW armor refers to armor that can be purchased using Badges of Honor, earned while participating in World versus World. There are sets of armor and also armor skins. Armor sets can be purchased from either the Armor Trader or Armor Master and are offered in a number of different prefixes. Skins match karma armor (except for rawhide armor, which is a loot armor set) and can only be purchased from the Armor Master. They are all level 80 only. Diviner and Mistwalker armor are the only WvW unique armor sets offered.

Tier Light Medium Heavy
Armor sets
Diviner Mist Walker Heavy Plate
Armor skins
1 Devout Supple Leather (Rogue) Duelist armor (Militia)
2 Dry Bones Rawhide Pit Fighter
3 Stately Warden (Stalker) Plated (Studded Plate)
4 Tactical (Primitive) Conquest (Buccaneer) Dark (Dark Templar)

Order armor[edit]

Order armor is armor that can be purchased once a player joins an order during their personal story. A character can only join one order, however upon purchasing the armor from the order merchant, players will unlock the skin that can be used on any other character via the wardrobe interface. All armor is rare and level 80.

Order Light Medium Heavy
Durmand Priory Light Priory's Historical Medium Priory's Historical Heavy Priory's Historical
Order of Whispers Light Whisper's Secret Medium Whisper's Secret Heavy Whisper's Secret
Vigil Light Vigil's Honor Medium Vigil's Honor Heavy Vigil's Honor

Gem Store armor[edit]

Gem Store armor is purchased from the gem store. When purchased the player receives six skins, one for each slot, which can be applied to armor for free. The skins will also be unlocked in the wardrobe, but using the wardrobe to apply the skins costs transmutation charges. There is no level requirement, but putting skins on low level armor means that transmutation charges must be spent to move it to higher level armor as the player progresses in levels.

Light Medium Heavy
Profane Krytan Primeval
Light Aetherblade Medium Aetherblade Heavy Aetherblade
Phoenix Magitech Braham's
Trickster's Viper's Phalanx
Flamekissed Flamewalker Flamewrath
Light Zodiac Medium Zodiac Heavy Zodiac
Incarnate Strider's Rampart

Heritage armor[edit]

Primary article: Heritage armor

Heritage armor is a set of armor skins that can be purchased from the Hall of Monuments as long as the player has accumulated 6 Hall of Monuments Points from the original Guild Wars. Once the point threshold is met, the skin items are free, allowing for as many free transmutations as the player wants.

Light Medium Heavy
Light Heritage armor Medium Heritage armor Heavy Heritage armor

Unobtainable armor[edit]

The following armor sets are either fully or partially unobtainable. Before the changes made to PvP rewards, players could receive pieces of these sets from reward chests and by following certain recipes. Now that PvP rewards are fixed to certain drop tables, no new players can obtain these armor sets, except for pieces that are able to be obtained elsewhere.

Set Weight Acquisition
Apostle armor Light Stalwart's Coat, Slayer's Coat, and Caretaker's Coat each have the chest skin from this set. Other pieces are unobtainable.
Guild Archmage armor Light The entire set is nearly identical to Devout armor except that it displays a guild emblem on the chestpiece. Guild Light Armor has the chest skin from this set. Other pieces are unobtainable.
Tribal armor Light Completely unobtainable.
Guild Watchman armor Medium The entire set is nearly identical to Council Watch armor except that it displays a guild emblem on the chestpiece. Guild Medium Armor has the chest skin from this set. Other pieces are unobtainable.
Marauder armor Medium Commando's Bandanna, Commando's Shoulderguards, Commando's Jacket, and Commando's Pants are all part of this set. The Marauder Helm is also avaliable as a loot. Gloves and Shoes are unobtainable.
Stalwart's armor Medium Slayer's Vest, Caretaker's Jacket, and Stalwart's Jerkin each have the chest skin from this set. Other pieces are unobtainable.
Guild Defender armor Heavy The entire set is nearly identical to Banded armor except that it displays a guild emblem on the chestpiece. Guild Heavy Armor has the chest skin from this set. Other pieces are unobtainable.
Heavy Scale armor Heavy Stalwart's Armor, Slayer's Armor, and Caretaker's Hauberk each have the chest skin from this set. Other pieces are unobtainable.